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3rd Trimester

Is postnatal physiotherapy effective?

Hi New moms,

I hope you guys are enjoying your third trimester. But I'm having a mixed feeling. I guess this will be common. I have been noticing changes in my body since my first trimester. Even though it's difficult to cope up with it, we need to keep calm. As the birthing process is a bit stressful, I was planning to go for postnatal physiotherapy. Most of my friends had good reviews after attending these sessions. Has anyone undergone postnatal physiotherapy?

Even though I want to join, my boyfriend is controlling me. He wants me to care for myself by undergoing exercises at home. He thinks that these are just a waste of money. I have heard that it's not beneficial for everyone. So I can't go against his will. It would be a great help if you guys share your knowledge. Please try to share it so that I can convince him.



  • You do not have to convince anyone besides your doctor (and perhaps insurance) that any sort of medical procedure/therapy is necessary. He does not control you or your body. If you think it would be beneficial then do it. It could mean the difference between feeling like yourself again and being in pain.

    Please seek help in getting out of your controlling relationship. For your own sake and the sake of your baby.
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  • @janegoldberg long story short: yes, physiotherapy or physical therapy can be very beneficial. And your boyfriend sounds like a controlling dickhead. Ideally you'd tell him to f*ck right off and get a restraining order, but in the short term, have him speak to a physical therapist or physiotherapist himself so that they can explain why it's beneficial. 

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