Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

First Pregnancy/Miscarriage

I’m broken mentally and physically. 
You never expect this to happen to you... And to find out I’m the group of women that experience miscarriage pains that are comparable to labour pains...? Wonderful.
Physically and mentally in agony. 

Re: First Pregnancy/Miscarriage

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. It is such a terrible feeling. Stay strong. We're here for you.
    Me: 37 / DH: 41
    Due with baby #2: Feb 2022

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage as well. I hope your body and heart heal soon. 
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  • Thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry about your loss as well. ❤️
  • eastbaybabyeastbaybaby member
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    Hi, I also experienced a miscarriage from an ectopic pregnancy in September. It was deemed life-threatening and I had to take a terrible drug called methotrexate which is used for chemo to stop the growth (there was no heartbeat/was not viable). It’s taken four months for my HCG hormone to come down, and talking about it still makes me cry all the time. I’m taking two weeks of leave off of work to try to process the loss, because the medical scare didn’t give me time to process the rest of what happened.

    i wish you peace and recovery. This is a horrible heartbreaking thing to go through, and I’m so scared to try again and be heartbroken again.

    id love to hear others stories here to feel less alone. 
  • You’re not alone. My very first pregnancy resulted in a chemical pregnancy at 4 weeks and 2 days. It was the worst physical pain I’ve experienced. Not to scare you but the next month I got pregnant it happened again...at 4 weeks and 2 days. Right around implantation. The pain was a lot less intense but it’s so disappointing and emotional. I’ve heard 1 is common...and 2 is common...I’m so scared It’s going to happen again. I’ve decided if it does I’m going to seek out testing. I hope everything works out for you but if it doesn’t feel free to message me. It’s always nice having someone who knows how you feel and can understand what you’re going through. Epingley1@gmail.com
  • I'm sorry you experienced that. My miscarriage was comparable to labor, too. Only without the happy ending. Take things one day at a time. When you do become pregnant again, make sure you have support from your partner, family, and ESPECIALLY your OB. PGAL anxiety is very real and is HORRIBLE, and no one warned me about it. I spent the whole time convinced I was going to lose that pregnancy, too. But, my bumpboard, family, and medical staff were great and tolerated my every freak out with compassion, sarcasm (my OB knows I respond well to it), and hugs.
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