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Large gestational sac/ small yolk sac

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Has anyone had a gestational sac measure how far along you think you are but the yolk sac measures smaller? 

Re: Large gestational sac/ small yolk sac

  • I think that yolk sac size is less well characterized than gestational sac size. And from my reading, larger than expected seems to be slightly worse than smaller than expected. Are you scheduled for a repeat ultrasound?
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  • I am. First us was done by some poorly experienced midwives. I’m going to schedule another us with another provider. 
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  • Based on what they could figure out the gestational sac was measuring 10 wks but the yolk sac 5 wks. There was a fetal pole. 
  • I'm confused...was there a baby seen inside of the gestational sac?  because by 10 weeks, you should be able to see more than just a sac.  You should be able to see a baby, and get a HB reading.  At each of my 3 dating scans, which happened between 7.5 and 8.5 weeks, i could see a definite baby inside of the sac, and i got a HB reading.
    I thought that the yolk sac disappeared eventually?  As the placenta took over?  It is possible that i am misinformed, but by 10 weeks, I thought that the baby should be feeding from the placenta, so I'm not sure that the yolk sac size is relevant?
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  • @delujm0 agreed on all counts. By 10 weeks you should be dating by CRL, not sac size. And the yolk sac does shrink, generally starting around 10 weeks, and if often absent on scans 14+ weeks. 
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