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1st Trimester

Azoospermia - 1st trimester = psycho....

My title is slightly tounge in cheek yet also serious.... 

So. I am male, 42 and have never got anyone pregnant! 2 years back I decided to investigate this and 3 seman tests show no sperm whatsoever!

I met a woman, we dated and started seeing each other. We talked about the situation but we had unprotected sex

Skip forward to new year! We've been together 9 months and she tells me she's pregnant

She was so angry that I had done this to her.... After a few days and some therapy she tells me she's going to keep the child!

She then tells me she doesn't want to lose me but doesn't want to be with me romantically which is hard! I've wanted a child for years....

She's angry at the hospital for giving me results that she says we're wrong. I went there today and they said the tests were right... And maybe repeat them. 

I am in such a muddle at the moment. She's scared of miscarage and I want her to be safe but I don't want to be a single father! I wanted a family! At the same time the hospital have advised it may not be mine... She's advised I sue the hospital!

Any guys with azoospermia?

Will she be different in 2nd trimester?? 

Re: Azoospermia - 1st trimester = psycho....

  • I know very little about azoospermia... but based on my understanding of the condition, if you had 3 samples tested and they yielded zero sperm, I can't imagine how you got her pregnant yourself... Unless there were just a handful in your ejaculate and the mightiest swimmer made it.
    Anyway, you can't force her to be in a relationship with you but you can be supportive and involved. It's ultimately her choice if she wants to stay with you and raise a baby with you. But you should be able to get partial custody and help raise the baby regardless of whether you're romantically involved or not.
    Congrats on becoming a father, I think? Sounds like a sticky situation. Hope it works out in the end.

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    She's definitely not psycho.... That was slight tongue in cheek due to her roller-coaster of emotions

    But thank you for your response 
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