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Newbie Intros w/o 1.13

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How many months have you been TTC?: 

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Re: Newbie Intros w/o 1.13

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  • Welcome @AshleyGemini24 and @allthingscozy!

    @allthingscozy I’m so sorry you’re getting your period every two weeks, that sounds miserable! Did the doctors give you any information after your visits? Or are you still awaiting results? 
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  • @krystrist2014 so my bloodwork came back normal and the ultrasound was clear of anything alarming. Basically they said it’s likely from the birth control but neither dr said they would do anything about that until June.  So I guess I am forced to wait it out. One dr said I likely wasn’t ovulating but this new one said the ultrasound showed that I was. So It seems confusing but more so just have to wait it out I guess which is frustrating. My chocolate cravings have been through the roof haha 

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  • @allthingscozy is the flow the same? I know some can bleed a little from ovulation. Hope you get some answers about that soon!
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  • @inthewoods23 unfortunately yes which sucks haha lasts up 5-7 days usually and is medium to heavy flow. 

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  • @allthingscozy. Welcome!  Sorry to hear about that period situation- that sounds unpleasant.  My mom had something similar when they found a cyst on her ultrasound.  Her cyst ruptured which was causing the bleeding, but she is much older! Best of luck with that and hope things settle down soon.  Hopefully they can figure some things out for you.  
  • @dobiemom11 thank you! That is good to know and a reminder to keep an eye on those cysts. 

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  • Hi!! Brand new and so excited to be on here...DH and I just started trying for our first. 

    Ages (you and SO): 28 (both of us)

    How many months have you been TTC?: this is our 3rd month, although the first month we were just NTNP, we really started paying more attention and trying last month. 

    What are you doing to get knocked up (WAYDTGKU)?: prenatal vitamins, ovulation strips, and just started tracking BBT this cycle  

    Tell us about yourself! (Kids, pets, job, hobbies, etc.): No kids, one cat who acts more like a dog. I’m a Speech Language Pathologist, and DH and I both are exercise-obsessed (lol) we spend plenty of time working out!
  • Hello! Newbie here but back for one more! 
    H and I are both 36 and we are trying for our second. We have an 18mo old boy and I can't believe we will have another. We are both only children and never thought about siblings at a but here we gooooo

    We were blessed to get pregnant super quickly last time. I haven't done much this time aside from tracking my cycle and my discharge for fertile days but if we don't get pregnant in the next couple of months I'll start BBT and maybe ovulation strips. I'm a bit weary of the idea of having this new baby at 38 so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly again but who knows!

    This is the first month of TTC so I guess we will see what happens in a couple of weeks. I'm trying not to get excited...I tend to be impatient and I know I have to relax.

    H and I both have jobs in tech and we enjoy traveling when we can, plus we are big foodies and love music. I also teach fitness classes in my free time although wayyyyy less than before I had my son!
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