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Wonderful World Wednesday

There wasn’t a Ten Things Tuesday this week, so I thought maybe we could do a general feel-good/ gratitude post today. Please add any warm & fuzzies you want. What’s going well for you in this crazy world? What inspiration have you experienced or seen that you want to share? Let’s be grateful & make each other smile today! 

Re: Wonderful World Wednesday

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  • @inthewoods23 I've been super interested in getting a weighted blanket! It really does work? What brand do you have? And beautiful kitty, I have three and love them all to death.
  • @bserena yes. On Saturday after having a meltdown with DH I went from hysterics to much calmer, but still crying, in a matter of 5 or 10 minutes. I like all the weight on my chest in those instances than just using it like a regular blanket. The brand we have is Sensory Goods. They're a little pricey (14lb large blanket was $160) but the quality is soooo good. It's made in AZ!
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  • @inthewoods23 I will definitely look into it! Thank you for sharing!
  • One of my students (I work in a school exclusively for children with disabilities) told me I was his favorite teacher today. It was the sweetest thing and I've been smiling ever since. 
  • @inthewoods23 aww what a sweet kitty. I’ve always wanted a weighted blanket to help with my anxiety. I’m glad it helps you!

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