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February 2020 Moms

Product Spotlight: Intangibles

This is taken from March 2020's group.

For this week we're talking: Intangibles!

Some products can't be bought--what are some experiences that could be greatly helpful to a new mom. 

  • Products aren't everything! What sort of services or help or non-buyable actions are on your wishlist for this pregnancy/post-partum time?
  • Are there any intangible things that people have offered you thus far or what you have indulged in/purchased already that you'd recommend?
  • What sort of services or help or non-buyable actions were most helpful to you for previous pregnancies/PP?
  • Were there any that you wished you had been able to receive but didn't?

Re: Product Spotlight: Intangibles

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  • Oh also indulging in a treat for yourself is nice. I bought some new fun earrings right before DS was born 
    DH: 34
    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
    TTC #2: June 2019
    #2 EDD: 2/20/2020
  • We don’t have any family or support locally so all my intangibles are people we hired.

    My doula is #1- helpful in pregnancy, birth, and PP. She’s been keeping me sane every night when my BH pick up this pregnancy.

    We hired a cleaning service around 38 weeks for a deep clean and I plan to do that again.

    Last time I saw a chiropractor in the end, but this pregnancy I’m doing every 4 weeks chiro throughout and continuing 3 months PP. Chiro has made all the difference in back pain!

    Prenatal massage is also incredible, although I still need to get one this time. Postpartum massages are also incredible and worth pumping a bottle to leave baby and get one.

    The final intangible on my list is the birth photographer- those photos mean so much to me and I revisit my first birth a lot through them. It was also nice to get to show family and friends far away how incredible the experience was and how we definitely didn’t die and weren’t in any danger for our choices.
  • Anything to pamper yourself. Prenatal/postnatal massage especially. 

    My doula took labor/birth photos, which I’m so grateful for. I look like garbage, but I love that I have those memories saved. Some images are just for me and DH (DS1 crowning), and I love looking back and being in awe that my body did that.
  • Pretty much everything everyone said. Accept help when offered, ask if you need it. 

    A big +1 pre/postnatal massages. I’ve never been to a chiropractor but think it would be totally worth it after giving birth. 
  • I'll second the doula. Mine has been absolutely wonderful through this experience so far. Every scare I have I can text her and she assures me and she helped me realize I have a UTI, which is just amazing. 

    We hired a cleaning company once baby was here to come every other week and have kept up with it - it's really worth it to know that your house is clean.

    I also agree with the prenatal and postnatal massages. I will throw in that last time DH got me an entire spa day which I used at about 11 weeks postpartum and it was not really worth it to me because I had to pump while out and it ended up being kind of stressful. So I would suggest just a 70 minute visit and save the spa day until after you've transitioned to being able to leave your baby for a full day, whether with babysitters if you are a SAHM or have transitioned back to work FT.

    My MOMS club does a meal train, it's like 2 months twice a week so super excited about that. Join a MOMS club haha! And then give back by helping other new moms with their meal trains! I have said that I was going to do freezer meals but DH is very unsupportive about this as I froze soup ONCE and it was terrible. 
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

  • I'll add in seeing a pelvic floor PT. I saw one after giving birth to DS and she was so helpful with some issues then. I started seeing her a couple of months ago to help prep for this birth and I think it's the most helpful thing I've done. In some other countries it's encouraged for everyone to see one after birth because of the trauma to the pelvic floor, so consider finding one either now or afterwards! 
  • @shellac835 seeing a pelvic floor therapist is at the very top of my to do list after I have this kid. Three kids back to back and coughing/sneezing has become a high risk peeing my pants situation 
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