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Baby boy name - opinions welcome

We have a possible name picked out for baby boy, just curious what any name aficionados out there think?!

Kane Henry

Pretty set on Henry as the middle name, but open to suggestions on short, strong, sweet, similar first names?

Re: Baby boy name - opinions welcome

  • I like the cadence of Henry Kane better than the other way around. 
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  • I agree w/ PP Henry Kane sounds much better! Henry is a better first name too. 
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  • It would bother me that Kane sounds the same as Cain (from the famous Bible story Cain and Abel) even though I’m not very religious. If you are looking for a similar rhythm I like Dean Henry.
  • I have officially vetoed kane as a first name, unfortunately my husband shot down henry as a first name because it's our good friend's son's name. now I have proposed either Rowan Henry or Rowan Kane! naming is hard
  • I like Rowan. If you really like Henry, you can push to keep it as the middle name. 

    Other options that seem to fit with your style:



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