Pregnant after a Loss

Seeking encouraging words-pregnant after chemical

Hello all,
I have literally never posted on a discussion forum like this (though I’ve always wanted to-no better time than now huh?)
A few days ago, I found out that I am pregnant one month after suffering a chemical pregnancy.
A little about my situation:
I already have a 16 month old daughter. She was born strong and healthy and I feel endlessly grateful for her. It did take my husband and I two years to conceive her. And when I found out that I was pregnant with her, I remember the anxiety creeping in. I work in the birth community (worked for midwives and work at a center training doulas) and so I’ve seen the worst case scenarios. I was exposed to it even before I got pregnant. I remember not being able to fully enjoy my pregnancy until well into my second trimester.
Shortly after my daughter was born, I was getting the itch to have another child, but my husband wasn’t ready to start trying until my daughter turned a year. A month ago, I found out I was pregnant. I took several tests, all just faintly positive. Roughly two weeks later I experienced bleeding and pain and my midwife confirmed I had lost the baby.
I think many of you understand that heartache. It’s the kind of pain I never knew I could feel.
I have been working with an acupuncturist for several months to help my body (as I do have PCOS) and have been eating extremely clean and taking supplements and doing castor oil packs. Everything under the sun, I’ve done it.
After the miscarriage, I decided to heal my soul and take a month off from trying and the rigid no sugar no gluten no dairy no soy diet. Sorry TMI, a few weeks ago I got copious amounts of egg white cervical mucus. It gave me hope that my body is getting back on track and my husband and I made love several nights a week just because we wanted to. Which felt really amazing to have that connection without feeling there was an agenda.
I am so incredibly grateful to be pregnant again, only one month post. But I am struggling so much with the trust part. And so much anxiety. And I know that this is normal, but it really helps me to hear encouraging words and success stories to help me through this time of waiting. 
I appreciate you all and thank you so much in advance.

Re: Seeking encouraging words-pregnant after chemical

  • I most certainly can identify with your post and I’m thankful that you shared your story as it make it easier to share mine.I was pregnant this exact time last year, having very prominent,dark pink lines on my PT(several)only to start to see my few pregnancy symptoms begin to fade away and then at 6 weeks and a few days, I began to miscarry....on my daughters 4th birthday weekend at that so I feel like I didn’t even have time to grieve because I had to be super mom for my daughter.I was devastated to say the least and honestly,became very depressed and it took a long while to get me out of that funk.Well, here it is, a year later, almost exactly to the day and I just found out on Monday that I am pregnant EDD 8/8 and I am 5 weeks and 1 day and SCARED!!!Soooooooo prayers to you and well wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy....for us both❤️
  • A couple of months ago I got a positive pregnancy test and the next day immediately started bleeding. Of course I panicked and went to my ob/gyn office. They scheduled me for blood tests to monitor hcg levels. The next day, I started cramping. Since it was Saturday, I went to the ER. It easily ranks as one of the worst nights of my life, having to yell at least 5 people that I think I’m miscarrying and waiting overnight to see a doctor only to have a “non-viable pregnancy” confirmed… on Mother’s Day. I didn’t get a clear answer, but after reading up I believe it was chemical.

    Now I’ve got another positive test, with no bleeding and very light midline muscle tightening. They say I’m due in March. We got this.
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