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Alva or Elinor?

We love both and are a European-Canadian blended family so the name has to work in both languages (may explain the "different" spelling of Elinor, though I'm sometimes worried it'll make life hard for her living in Canada). Love the simplicity of Alva, but also the more classic and regal feel and all the nicknames for Elinor! We  like traditional and Scandinavian names.

Alva or Elinor? 18 votes

72% 13 votes
27% 5 votes

Re: Alva or Elinor?

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    Elinor is a Greek name and has the same meaning as Eleanor.  I would stick with more known spelling.

    Alva just seems like it's missing something, just a nickname.

    So my vote is neither. 
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    Meh, neither.
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    I’d go with Elinor but the spelling confusion would bother me.
    I have never heard Alva before and although it has a pretty sound to it, with Ava being so popular I feel like she’d often get mistaken for Ava.
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