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Product Spotlight Series: Health & Safety Products

Fridays = Product Spotlight Series prompt day! Don't be shy, & remember everyone in the community is welcome to comment on threads like these throughout our time here, not just when it's a certain product's week in the spotlight. Big thanks to everyone who participates!

For this week, we're talking... healthy & safety products! See the prompts below for an organized way to discuss, and as always links/pics (in spoilers) are super appreciated. Here is a link to some health and safety topics.

For S+TMs:
What specific items did you find were essential to have on hand for the early days of health care and safety?
What categories of items did you find necessary?
What other items/brands did you love?
What other items/brands did you hate?
Additional thoughts?

For FTMs:
What specific products/category of products are you considering definitely having on hand? Any you are considering skipping?
Please ask any questions you may have about health and safety here.

Up next week: We're back to our regularly scheduled spotlight series with... Bottles! (which were mentioned in our Breast Pumps & Accessories convo 12 times, [thank you "find" feature,' so if anyone wants to look at the spreadsheet & come up with something we don't have on there & haven't done yet, tag me with suggestions! Otherwise, a thread that focuses solely on bottles is fine, as it will be focused and easy for people to find who may have missed the earlier thread.)
To view the upcoming PSS schedule/find easy links to past PSS posts, visit the March 2020 PSS Spreadsheet!

Re: Product Spotlight Series: Health & Safety Products

  • Ok just popping in to say get the damn Nose Frida. It’s gross. You might at some point inhale your child’s snot. But it’s worth it to give baby some relief when they’re all plugged up. 

    Also a rectal thermometer works a whole lot better than any ear/forehead/other thermometer. 
  • A few essentials that are good to have on hand right away....
    -baby nail clippers...those little nails can be sharp when they're long.. and baby can scratch his/her face. the big nail clippers just don't work for tiny fingers
    -ibuprofen/aspirin for infants (the pediatrician I saw gave me a printout sheet for dosage recommendations for babies under 1, since the bottles themselves just basically advise against giving this to infants unless you talk to your dr.).  mainly keep this around for flus/colds or days after they have their shots, but it's nice to just have it around all the time.  you never know if baby will spike a fever in the middle of the night and to have something on hand in that case is worth it.
    - diaper rash cream.. we tried all kinds, I know a lot of people swear by Butt paste, but it didn't work for my LOs for some reason.  we used Desitin and that worked for us.  for crazy serious rashes that just won't heal or go away (like when DD had diarrhea from a bad flu for a week, and her rash was atrocious), I took some advice from an old-school pediatrician (he was 90 years old, and still in practice.. lol)  he said mix diaper rash cream with Maalox (the liquid).  It doesn't mix perfectly together, it will be lumpy and runny and weird.. but.. it works like a dream.   The Maalox basically neutralizes the acid from urine. It was the only thing that cleared up DD after she was sick.

    for older babies/toddlers that are learning to crawl/get around
    - baby gates to keep them contained to a safe area
    - outlet wall covers
    - get rid of sharp/pointy furniture (we ditched our coffee table with sharp edges once DS started to get around.)
    - anchor baby's dresser to the wall, if possible (DD actually pulled her dresser over on top of herself when she was little)

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  • I could NOT with the nose frida. Lol. I kept the suckers they gave me in the hospital because they’re better than any store bought ones. 

    I second nail clippers. They say to use nail files now but I found that near impossible with Tiny babies. 

    Also do NOT buy hand mitts!!!!!! They can easily get them off and suffocate on them. When DS was in the NICU the nurse was telling me horror stories about it. Buy onesies and footies that have fold over mitts. They’re the best. 
  • I also love the nose frida. I’ve never had DS’s snot come through the little sanitizer thingy you put in so it’s not really that gross. (However for the FTMs you’re soon going to find out just how many gross things you’re willing to do to make your baby feel better🤣) 

    I’ve also heard good things about the Windi from frida baby for gassy babies but haven’t tried it personally. 

    We used a file on DS’s nails at first and then switched to the baby nail clippers as they got a bit stronger. I still use them.

    Boogie wipes are nice for colds too! 

    I really like the magnetic locks with the keys for baby proofing. I have some of the latch ones and while they are fine they are kind of an eye sore and I’m not convinced DS can’t open them on his own sometimes. I swear I’ve locked them before only to find him playing with it open. I could be wrong but I think he just accidentally unlocks it sometimes. 

    I’ll try to keep thinking...
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  • Somebody will have to verify my memory but I feel like they recommend Vaseline for those first sticky poos, and also say wet wash cloths not wipes for a few days? Not sure if I only followed this rule with my first and that’s why I can’t remember it from my second. 🤣

    Highly recommend having a bottle of Mylicon gas drops on hand. Obviously you’ll want to consult with your pediatrician if your baby seems to have tummy issues, but my baby ended up on these and they were a lifesaver.

    I liked the nail clipper with the little flashlight.
    Oh and a soft hair brush, my newborn’s hair looked wild. 

    Not much else you need in the newborn days. 

    Older infant you’ll want the Nose Frida (works so well even though it’s disgusting!), Tylenol, and Boogie Wipes, on hand in case of sickness. 

    And jumping ahead to babies over 1, Zarbees honey cough syrup is a life saver. 
  • Oooh we used aquaphor for diaper rash. It was the only thing that worked and I swear by it now. I will not buy any other creams! 
  • The Nose Frida is great (just make sure the filter is in place), and now I'm eyeballing the electric snot sucker that I keep seeing in my IG feed. 

    DS was a fairly fussy baby, so we used gripe water and gas drops a lot. Hard to tell how much it helped, but at least it's nice to feel like there's SOMETHING you can try when they're fussy. 

    Also, trimming nails can be tough if you have a wiggly infant (both DH and I accidentally snipped skin :s  ), so we got this electric file and it was a LIFE SAVER. Totally worth the price. 

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