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Ideas? keepsake/ memorial after loss.

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I feel like there are a lot more options out there now for memorial gifts. After our first loss I couldn't find anything we could even begin to afford. 
I finally got a necklace from a friend from Belle La Dame. I still have it, to this day.

There is also www.baileyslight.com, which does other stuff besides necklaces. Like they have ornaments, and dog tags for dads. So that's cool.

Here is my question. Have you come across or used any websites or companies that make cool infant loss memorials? 
I want to know more about what is out there now. (besides Etsy, lol)

For instance, does anyone know of a place making tiny blankets? After our last two losses I crocheted a tiny little blanket to bury the baby. The thought of burying our baby in an empty shoe box like a pet bird made me sick. I can't be the only one who was looking for something like this, right?

Or wall art? Anyone know of a place that has come up with interest way to do memorial wall art? I love my necklace, but I rarely wear jewelry. Which is what is cool about the ornaments that Baileys Light makes. I have one of the tree of life hoops with ALL of my kids birthstones on it (the ones who are here and the ones who are not), it hangs in the window in our dining room. love it!

Anyway, excited to hear your ideas, and what really helped you!

Re: Ideas? keepsake/ memorial after loss.

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