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Help with Moving Cross Country!

Hi everyone! I have a long question. My husband, toddler, and I moved to a new state last year for his job but we are really unhappy here. He's decided to leave his job and we are trying to move back to our old state, across the country. I'm currently at the end of my first trimester and our house is on the market. Based on where we live, I expect our house to take a while to sell and we could be looking at moving in February, March, or later. Our flight home would be 5ish hours. At a certain point, if our house sells too late, is it safer to drive cross country than to fly? Or should I take my house off the market by a certain date if it doesn't get an offer because it would be too dangerous to fly/move? Or keep the house on the market and hope it doesn't sell during a specific month? I want to move as quickly as possible. It's so confusing! I desperately don't want to be here when our baby comes in mid-May but am worried that that may end up being the case. Anyone deal with this before? 

Re: Help with Moving Cross Country!

  • The fly/ drive question would be a good one for your doctor as time gets closer. At a certain point you shouldn’t travel at all to be close to the location you plan to deliver. Could you stay with family leading up to the birth of your child?

    Take a deep breath, there are a lot of variables that you don’t have to figure out today. As a military wife, I know tons of people that move as late as 36 weeks or go home to stay with family to have their babies. You can do this, just let a few of the puzzle pieces fall into place. You have the benefit of being able to plan one way or the other, it might just take a little flexibility.
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  • Thank you! Neither of our families really have the room for the three of us. I'm not worried about finding a temporary rental once our house sells in our old neighborhood if we don't find the right house to buy. Also, I would go back to my old doctor and old hospital so that helps. Just panicking in case we have one of those houses that takes 300 days to sell or something!
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  • Most of my moves have been done while pregnant. 

    I moved across town at around 34 weeks (hauling everything ourselves), and I moved a plane flight away at 20 weeks. (As well as two very early moves - pre 12 weeks.)

    Honestly, it wasn't a big deal. I tried not to lift too many heavy things and let my H do that. It's annoying. But I don't think a Feb. or March move is too late at all, including for flying. 
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