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GTKY 11/11 - Coffee Shop Order

What's your coffee shop order?
Any favorite coffeeshops?
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Re: GTKY 11/11 - Coffee Shop Order

  • I’m boring and usually just go to Starbucks when I buy coffee out. I usually get the White Chocolate Mocha. But, I gave up all caffeine during pregnancy because I’m bad at moderation, so I haven’t had one in a while. 

    We do have a cute local coffee shop with a Harry Potter theme. It’s far from my house, so I don’t go often. I get the Chai tea latte there. It’s super yummy. 


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  • This is a fun one!!

    I'm a Starbucks gal and my order is a Venti Iced non-fat vanilla latte. If I have one of those I try to stay away from caffeine for the rest of the day. And I love a good mozzarella tomato panini from there!
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  • OMG my mouth is watering wanting my fav coffee! I gave up caffeine for the most part (will have some if Tylenol isn’t helping the headache) and all I have been wanting is Caribou Coffee’s Campfire Mocha with White Chocolate. Super sugary and def not good for anything but the joy I get out of it.  

    Right now I’ve been getting decaf Americanos with a little cream and sugar.  Not the same! 😆
  • @mandarenee898 Campfire Mocha with White Chocolate sounds DIVINE.
  • I don't drink coffee, but I still like my Starbucks. Usually my order is a peppermunt hot chocolate, but sometimes I mix it up for one of their creme Frappuccinos(love the s'mores or peppermint). This pregnancy, I've been all about getting a chocolate croissant, too.
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  • @Kathryn0903 A chocolate croissant sounds amazing!
  • Usually Starbucks.  My standard non-holiday order is grande cinnamon dolce latte or if I'm at work (where they sell Starbucks but it's not a "real" one) vanilla latte.  Holiday is peppermint mocha and every once in a while eggnog latte.     
  • I don't drink coffee, but a cup (or more!) of green tea makes my day :)
  • Non-coffee drink from anywhere but the place near me is called Yolk. I get a vanilla steamer. Essentially steamed milk with vanilla flavor. Or a dulce cinnamon steamer. Yummy flavors, tastes like a flavor drink, without the caffeine. 
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  • I usually can’t deal with the sweetness of the specialty drinks, but the odd time will do a vanilla hazelnut latte with half the usual syrup. I usually get an americano (decaf these days, because I make a regular one at home). During the holidays, I love the cranberry bliss bars at Starbucks. 
  • I gave up caffeine for pregnancy too... easier for me than trying moderation. For non caffeine drinks I’ve had the caramel apple spice from Starbucks a few times and it’s delish (basically hot apple juice with caramel & whip cream). When not pregnant I love Nitro cold brew! 

    I have also been on a chocolate croissant kick, but from a local cafe not Starbucks. 
  • I tend to order Chai or café au lait. There is a local spot in the Olde Town of our suburb where my husband and I like to go on the weekends. I’ve mostly been ordering peppermint tea these days though!
  • I stopped drinking coffee like 5 years ago on the regular. Sometimes when traveling, I may go to Starbucks and get a latte. I like the skinny vanilla latte, peppermint mocha during the holidays and, of course, a good ol’ PSL. I’ve only had one latte this pregnancy and it was when I was having a headache on our trip to Canada. It was this cute little coffee shop and I got this amazing fall flavor, but can’t remember what it was.
  • Happy to see some non coffee drinkers! I'm usually alone.
    I get a grande iced chai light ice from Starbucks. Or if it's cold out, the hot chai. Kids' temp because I'm a baby and burn my mouth on regular temp.

    In high school and college I lived on banana hot chocolates, but no one carries banana syrup anymore!
  • Another non-coffee drinker. I get a grande jade citrus mint tea at Starbucks and a basic green tea anywhere else. I also like the medicine ball (honey citrus mint tea) just as a regular drink even when not sick!
  • I usually make coffee at home and take it with just a splash of milk. I'm doing a decent job of keeping my intake down while pg.

    If I'm out, I'm still boring and just get plain coffee or chai, sometimes an Americano. If I feel like a treat I'll get a mocha or chai latte. I've got lots of local coffee shops and no Starbucks near me.
  • I love a 1/2 sweet cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks, but if I'm sitting in a nicer cafe I love a classic cappuccino or a London fog.

    I've given up coffee while preggy so I've switched to apple cider or hot chocolate when I want a warm sweet treat.
  • For the last week I have been wanting my Campfire Mocha w/ White Chocolate since I posted about my fav drink.  I caved today and got the decaf version.  It was delicious and worth every single gram of sugar in it in addition to the heartburn that came afterwards.  
  • iced coffee with oat milk

    and a blueberry scone please ;)

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