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WTO Friday 11/8

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!**






Re: WTO Friday 11/8

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  • @gingermama29 Yay for snowfall! It’s still blazing hot here. Enjoy your three day weekend, you made it! 

    @kmalls I always regret offering to dog sit, too. Always a fun idea until they’re in your house 😂
  • Month/Cycle: 18/13/3 AL#2

    CD: 5

    WAYDTGKU: Letrozole, Metformin, prenatal, Conceive Plus, HIO at least EOD, re-starting OPK’s this cycle, temping/tracking with FF, and progesterone after O.

    R/R: It’s Friday!! We have almost made it to the weekend! We are loading up the pups and heading to the IL’s tonight...DH is going to go out in the frigid temps tomorrow morning in hopes of getting a deer! I’ll be snug in the bed, hoping he gets a deer as well! Haha. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 

    CS/Q: None.

    @gingermama29 sorry the week has gone by slow, but yay for the 3-day weekend!! That is awesome YH will have such a flexible second job! Hopefully you’ll still be able to have plenty of time together after he starts! 

    @kmalls ah...I’m sure the puppy is adorable, but a lot of work! Hopefully it gets along well with your two, and it isn’t too much of a pain! Yes, hopefully they can run out all of their energy outside! Best of luck! 

    @tyrion_ yes, the time change is still messing with me! Loving that it’s lighter in the morning...but it gets dark so early, I don’t like it! Hopefully we can all adjust to it soon! Hmm...that’s impeccable timing on your MIL’s part! Sounds like being a Ninja is in order!! 😉

  • @bluetickgal so much IL time on this thread! I hope YH gets a deer. I hate how it gets dark so early too, it makes the days feel so short! 
  • @bows22 we are so good at posting at the same time! Haha. I know, right...all the IL’s this weekend! I’m so sorry that you are in a period of waiting for all the results & interpretations, but that’s so good you are trying your best not to worry! Hoping you get good news from the RE at the end of the month...better yet, hope you get a positive by then! I hope you can enjoy your “off” day a little and don’t have to work too hard! 
  • @gingermama29 what? Snow already? That's crazy. It has been cold enough to snow here a few days but so far only rain. 

    @kmalls Yeah puppies are rough. Adorable, but rough. I helped SIL with her maltipoo puppy for a week around the holidays a few years back. She told me puppy was house trained. Puppy was not house trained. It was a long week. No more dog sitting for me after that. Hope it goes well for you with the 3 doggos.

    @tyrion_ ; oh good your MIL during your fertile window. What could be better?😣 Hopefully it goes as well as having a MIL visit can. And hopefully it doesn't impact timing.

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 5

    WAYDTGKU: OPKs, checking CM, pnv, CoQ10, baby aspirin

    R/R: we are refinancing the house for a lower interest rate so we close on that this afternoon. We will be going from a 4.75 to a 3.7 so not a massive change but still it'll make a decent difference over the life of the mortgage. I have slept like crap the past couple of nights. My anxiety is normally pretty well controlled by it has been decidedly out of control the past couple of days. I feel like one of those comics you see on Reddit or something where the person gets in bed and then their brain is like "oh hey remember that thing 6 years ago that you literally haven't thought about since? This is the perfect time to obsess over it and worry about it!" All the out of control anxiety and the lack of sleep is making me super irritable today. 
    Me: 28 Husband: 31
    TTC#1: January 2015- September 2016
    Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
    Rainbow baby born June 6, 2017  ❤️

    Baby #2 due June 12, 2018
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  • @kmalls good luck puppy sitting. Hopefully he's chill for you.

    @tyrion_ ugh to the MIL timing. Hope you can sneak in some ninja sex.

    @bows22 sorry you're in that wait and see period between tests. Hopefully you get good news from your RE at the end of the month.

    @bluetickgal enjoy your weekend with the ILs and FX for YH to get a deer!

    @NamelessAria I live in NY so we get snow pretty much from November-April. I'm weird and I love it though 😊. Ugh anxiety is the worst. Sorry it's been affecting your sleep lately. Glad you're getting a better interest rate on your house. It'll definitely make a big difference in the long term.
  • Happy Friday girls!!!  We made it!!  Wow, it's already popping in here...

    @gingermama29 ; Yay for the weekend!  Enjoy your long weekend (I'm jelly bc we don't get off here in the states unless you work for the gov't)... Have a great time at your ILs.

    @ksmalls ; Aww I love goldens, they are so doofy lol... What are your other two dogs?  Good luck this weekend!!

    @tyrion_ ; I'm so with you about the long week... felt like Friday would never come.  Ugh, sorry your MIL is visiting at the worst time.  Hoping you can sneak in some action!!

    @bows22 ; Sorry you didn't receive the news you were hoping for, but at least the motility is good!  Wishing you some good news in the next few weeks!  Hope you are able to enjoy your day off, even though you have some work to do.

    @bluetickgal ; Your weekend sounds awesome!  Have a blast at your ILs and I hope your hubs gets a deer... I always tell my step-dad that I hope he "catches" a deer, like fishing lol.

    @NamelessAria ; That's great you are able to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and that will totally make a difference over the life of the loan!  Hoping the closing goes smoothly!  Ugh, I've been sleeping pretty crappy all week too... this time change has me thrown.  Thinking about random dumb things from years ago is legit the worst... I try to calm myself by saying that no one remembers that happening anyways lol... Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep this weekend.

    Month/Cycle:  3/3

    CD:  15


    R/R:  Friday!!!  I'm going to check out a house on my lunch... hubs and I are planning on moving to the town where I work as it's a really great town and he works from home - so I totally need to take advantage of that!  I'm hoping today is calm at work and I can catch up... but it's Friday and I'm feeling the laziness, ugh.

    CS/Q:  Assuming O is happening today or tomorrow... peak on OPK yesterday and even further temp drop this am (96.96!), lowest one yet.
    Me: 33  DH: 35
    Dating 4/2008
    Home Purchase 3/2010
    Married 6/2016
    TTC #1:  9/2019
  • @NamelessAria yay for re-financing...that’ll make quite the difference in the long run!  So sorry for the anxiety, especially while trying to sleep!! Hope that gets better soon...it’s awful when you just can’t shut your brain off! 
    @gingermama29 thanks lady! Enjoy your time with the IL’s as well! 
    @ziggymama06 thanks! Haha, I like that...I didn’t want to type shoot (even though that’s clearly the goal), so I just said get. Now I’m gonna hope he catches one though! ☺️ Yay for possibly moving closer to work! Hope you like the house, or find one soon that you do! It’s pretty common to have a drop on or around O day, so hopefully you get your spike tomorrow! 
  • @NamelessAria I could have written your R/R about anxiety. I don’t know what’s going on with me lately. I hope we both get back on track soon. 

    @ziggymama06 I hope you liked the house!!
  • Month/Cycle: 15/15

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: IF Testing 

    R/R: Holy cow, this has taken me all day! 

    We had my coworker's surprise shower today, he loved it! We had a taco bar and cupcakes, and gave him some gifts. It was really nice and a fun celebration. 

    We've got an episode of the Masked Singer to finish tonight, this weekend should be fairly quiet which is nice! 

    CS/Q:  Nope
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @gingermama29 Our snow turned to rain!!! Glad you have a 3-day weekend!

    @kmalls Ohhh man, puppysitting is hard! Better get some treats that take a while to chew! :D 

    @tyrion_ Time for ninjaHIO!!! :D The time change is still kicking my butt too, you're not alone! 

    @bows22 Hoping you get a lot done today, there's nothing like the feeling of a completed to-do list!

    @bluetickgal Ha enjoy your time warm in bed!

    @NamelessAria So sorry your anxiety has been so bad lately, I totally sympathize! 

    @ziggymama06 Hope you like the house!!
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

    November Signature Challenge - Dessert Fails:

  • @gingermama29 wow! Snow already! How fun! We get very little snow in Arkansas so when we do everyone loses their minds and everything shuts down. 🤦🏼‍♀️hope you have a good weekend! It sounds like everything will workout with YH schedule! 

    @kmalls ugh, I don’t blame you. They’re cute but so so annoying! Gl! 

    @tyrion_ I know!! Every night by 6 I’m so tired! Gl with the in-laws!  😂

    @bows22 I’m sorry for the low result. I agree with waiting to see what your RE says first. Is this his first SA? *sending positive thoughts* 

    @bluetickgal hope you guys have a good opening day of modern gun! I’m assuming it’s about the same season it is here! 

    @namelessaria I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so anxious lately. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you’ll have a nice relaxing weekend! That lower rate would make me feel slightly better too! 

    @ziggymama06 hope you like the house! How exciting! Hope your day goes by quick so you can relax!

    @mvt2003 I’m glad your shower went well! That sounds fun!

    Me 25, DH 28

    Married Oct. 5th 2013

    ttc #2

    DS born Nov. 2017

  • Month/Cycle: 5/5

    CD: 7

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, OPK, maybe SMEP. 

    R/R:  just getting prepared for a friends birthday party that we’re hosting tomorrow. So that should be fun! It will be pretty laid back, but as I’ve said before, I love parties. Haha DH is getting guns all sighted in because tomorrow is the opening day of modern gun, deer hunting. 

    CS/Q: not much to see yet! 

    Me 25, DH 28

    Married Oct. 5th 2013

    ttc #2

    DS born Nov. 2017

  • Update:  house needs a ton of work for the price, so likely won't work out but we will see.  I love the area though and only 5 min commute to work.

    @mvt2003 That shower sounds awesome!  I love tacos!  Enjoy your quiet weekend, those are really the best!

    @photographerwife ; Your friend's party sounds fun, and how nice of you to host!  Enjoy and I hope YH catches a deer too!

    @bluetickgal ; Thanks girl for always decoding my temps for me    :*
    Me: 33  DH: 35
    Dating 4/2008
    Home Purchase 3/2010
    Married 6/2016
    TTC #1:  9/2019
  • @mvt2003 haha, thanks lady! Glad the shower for your coworker went well! Hope you have a super relaxing weekend after your very busy week! 
    @photographerwife thanks girl! Yep, modern gun opening here too! Good luck to YH as well! Hope you have fun with the party tomorrow!! 
    @ziggymama06 no problem, happy to help when I can! That stinks this one may not work out...but hopefully you can find another one in the area that is right for you all! 
  • @mvt2003 glad the shower went well! That was really nice of you guys 

    @photographerwife yes this was his first SA. So I warned him that they may want him to do a repeat. He wasn’t impressed haha. He was a trooper but I’m sure he thought that was a one and done thing! Have fun with the party! I love hosting parties too. 
  • I think the party will be fun! 

    @bows22 I was just curious. I wasn’t sure about what the morphology meant and google said that it’s hard to get a solid answer with just 1. FX that everything is good for you both! 

    Me 25, DH 28

    Married Oct. 5th 2013

    ttc #2

    DS born Nov. 2017

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