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WTO Thursday 11/7

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Me: 28 Husband: 31
TTC#1: January 2015- September 2016
Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
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Re: WTO Thursday 11/7

  • @gingermama29 ; Oh my goodness, that is pretty crazy!  Well I'm glad that the last one decided to retire as well being that you never got along.  That's so amazing that you'll immediately get seniority!  Yay!  Do you think they will have trouble hiring three music teachers?

    @inthewoods23 Re: yesterday... I'm sorry for CD 1.  That's the worst when she sneak attacks you.  Sending wine and ice cream your way  

    Month/Cycle:  3/3

    CD:  14

    WAYDTGKU:  PNVs, OPKs, BBT, HIO (which in my mind stands for Hit It Up, even though it is not a U)  :D 

    R/R:  Sorry I ghosted the past 1.5 days... work got crazy and was out at a conference all day yesterday... which went well.  I saw my old boss there who I worked with for almost 9 years so it was so nice to catch up with her.  I'm so happy that tomorrow is Friday.  My boss is out the next two days and I have so much to catch up on... ok this R/R is all about work.. sorry!!

    CS/Q:  I got my peak on the OPK, but my temp is legit the lowest is has been... I was sleeping with my arms out of the covers bc I was warm, so perhaps this did it?  I suppose I should expect the spike tomorrow morning?  I feel like my temps are all over the place...

    Me: 33  DH: 35
    Dating 4/2008
    Home Purchase 3/2010
    Married 6/2016
    TTC #1:  9/2019
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  • Month/Cycle: 15/15

    CD: 8

    WAYDTGKU: IF Testing

    R/R: Waiting for my freaking oil company to call me back to let me know what time they're arriving at my house to clean and service my furnace. I work 7 minutes away from home, so I'm at work until I know when they're coming. I'm taking so much time off for IF stuff now that I need to be in the office as much as I can be (cf. my WTF Wednesday from today :D

    I'm going to take advantage of time at home to call the RU and make sure the orders are in for SA #2 and to ask what lab to take MH to for his BW. I also need to call the city to make arrangements to have 2 old TVs picked up with our trash. 

    CS/Q: Nope

    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @gingermama29 Wow! Congrats senior music teacher! :D 

    @ziggymama06 Hope you had a good conference!!
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @ziggymama06 *tw* previous pregnancy

    When I went on maternity leave a in 2018, the only person who applied for my job was the music teacher who had retired (the one I took over for). 
    So my short answer is I'm nervous that it'll be difficult to find 3 new music teachers next year. I'm going to a music education conference at the beginning December (and retirement letters will be in by then) so I might be able to put the word out. There will be lots of college students attending and several hundred other music teachers which should help with networking. Your conference sounds nice! Glad you had a good time!

    @mvt2003 thanks! I'm pretty excited at that prospect. I hope the oil company gets back to you quickly and gets things fixed fast. 
  • edited November 7

    Month/Cycle: 5/5

    CD: 6


    R/R:  Had a super busy day yesterday. I had to go to a training at work. Shop and bit, and go by the dealership because my car “lease” is almost up. Several years ago we were suckered into a balloon lease and when we went back to refinance we’re against a wall and did another one. Now that balloon is almost to the end of its term and it’s a PITA trying to decide how to finish this all out. I think my Camry will be a little upside down and I’m just over it. I HATE HATE car shopping. 

    CS/Q: nothing to see yet. 

    @gingermama29 wow! How crazy! Sounds good and stressful for you though! I hope everything works out in your favor! I always wanted to be a music teacher when I was younger. But it isn’t a super realistic job for my area. :/

    @ziggymama06 I’m glad you had a good time catching up! My temps are always all over the place before O too. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I normally get a shift closer to 2 days after a peak OPK too! 

    @mvt2003 waiting for service guys is the worst! Hopefully they get there soon. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay at work as much as possible. I always feel guilty missing too. 

    Edited wording

    Me 25, DH 28

    Married Oct. 5th 2013

    ttc #2

    DS born Nov. 2017

  • @gingermama29 - that’s fantastic about seniority, though I can see why it would be overwhelming news. But 4 music teachers in one small town? That’s great! I feel like music is being cut everywhere so it’s wonderful there’s so much support for it where you are. 

    @ziggymama06 your chart looks normal to me! Your temp won’t spike until after ovulation so the low temp today makes sense. 

    @mvt2003 ughhhh oil is the absolute worst. We renovated our house about 6 years ago and made the switch to gas and life is so much easier. I hope the oil company doesn’t keep you waiting today! 

    @photographerwife I’ve never even heard of a balloon lease, haha. Do payments go up over the term of the lease? 

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 3 

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, tracking in FF, OPKs, etc etc...

    R/R: every once in a while I go through a stretch of insomnia and MAN, it hit like a ton of bricks last night. I was exhausted all day and then just laid there staring at the ceiling for hours. It’s so frustrating. I’m slightly concerned it’ll mess with my charting but meh, there’s not much I can do about it! 

    CS/Q: nope 

  • Month/Cycle: 18/13/3 AL#2

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: Letrozole, Metformin, prenatal, Conceive Plus, HIO at least EOD, re-starting OPK’s this cycle, temping/tracking with FF, and progesterone after O.

    R/R: Work has continued to be busy this week, so it’s been going by pretty fast which is nice! It’s super gloomy (cold & rainy) today...was hoping to get a walk in tonight, but it’s not looking good! Hopefully it’ll stop raining by then though...we are trying to commit to working out more, so we really need to do something active! 

    CS/Q: None.

    @gingermama29 oh wow, that’s crazy that the other 3 music teachers are retiring! Will you be able to sit in on interviews and have a bit of a say in hiring? Yay for being the top seniority-wise now, that’s exciting! 

    @ziggymama06 glad your conference went well and you got to re-connect with our old boss! Yay for positive OPK...you will likely get a temp increase tomorrow or the next day since that comes after O. 

    @mvt2003 waiting for people to come to your house is always a pain...that’s good you work so close though, so you can leave at short-notice. Read your post in WTF about them freaking out when you leave though...that stinks! Hope that gets better since you will have to continue being out more for appt’s and whatnot! 

    @photographerwife that stinks about the car lease frustration...hope you can work it out without any major issues! I feel like car shopping is fun until it comes down to the negotiations! Haha. 

    @kmalls ugh, so sorry you are dealing with insomnia! I absolutely love sleep...so that would be very difficult for me! Hopefully it doesn’t last long for you!! 

  • @kmalls basically, it’s like a lease but I own the car. In order to keep the payments low from the get go you only finance a portion of the loan with similar lease terms under the expectation that at the end of the “balloon” you pay one large payment. In my case $14k. Or you can trade in and begin a new loan, refinance the last portion with is a larger amount than the first part of the term, making the payments pretty high. Or give the car back and walk away. Which is how we were screwed into it a second time. I couldn’t afford high payments on the last one and I needed a car so we did another, knowing that at the end of the term we were giving this car back and leaving this dealership. But now that it’s here I’m mad and dreading the process. 

    @bluetickgal glad your week is flying by. This part of the cycle always feels slow to me. And I agree, the car shopping part isn’t so bad, but I can’t stand salesmen. And I’m looking for a preowned vehicle this time. I’ve really just had bad experiences in the past. So I’m hoping this time will be better. 

    Me 25, DH 28

    Married Oct. 5th 2013

    ttc #2

    DS born Nov. 2017

  • @mvt2003 Ugh, I hate waiting for calls like that!!  And I am so jealous of your commute!!  Mine is about an hour, but looking to move and cut that to something similar to your commute time.  

    @gingermama29 That conference sounds like the perfect place to enlist some new teachers.  Hopefully your district is on board with you spreading the word then.

    @photographerwife I'm sorry for the headache with your car, I hate car shopping too!  Which is odd coming from a line of car salemen, lol... just be firm with what you want.  They want to make the sale.  If you can stretch it closer to the end of the month, that is the best time bc they want to add to their sale numbers for the month/meet the goal.  Good luck!  Thank you for the advice on my temps... first month so I have no idea.

    @ksmalls Ugh... sending coffee your way...  Thanks for easing my nerves about my temps!!

    @bluetickgal So glad your week is flying... tomorrow is Friday, yay!!  That's great you are dedicated to being more active... sorry for the bad weather, ugh.  Thanks for the details on temping... I didn't realize my temp would spike after O.  
    Me: 33  DH: 35
    Dating 4/2008
    Home Purchase 3/2010
    Married 6/2016
    TTC #1:  9/2019
  • ziggymama06ziggymama06
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    @ssbl ; I'm sorry for CD 1 and the gut-punch!  Sending lots of wine and ice cream your way... I'm glad to hear you are taking steps to gain clarity on your end.  I haven't read that book yet, but may look to see if it is available on audio from the library.  I'm almost finished with Amy Poehler's book and will need a new read (listen) soon.   <3

    ETA to add...
    Me: 33  DH: 35
    Dating 4/2008
    Home Purchase 3/2010
    Married 6/2016
    TTC #1:  9/2019
  • @ziggymama06 I used to work from home, so the only way I would leave that gig was if I had a very short commute :D Long commutes are not my thing! Hopefully you get a short one soon!

    @ssbl Sorry about CD1! :( 

    @photographerwife SO sorry, we were so stressed out about ending our lease this year! We went out and bought a new car and returned the lease early to avoid some of the stress! Hopefully your return goes smoothly!

    @bluetickgal Hope you get to do your walk! The rain stinks!

    @kmalls thankfully it was pretty quick! 
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @photographerwife yes, dealing with the salesperson is usually terrible! I hope you find what you are looking for and don’t have any issues with the buy/lease process this go-around! 
    @ziggymama06 yay for tomorrow being Friday...we are so close to the weekend! You’re welcome! I’m glad you trying out temping...I love being able to look at my chart and have some sense of what is going on (usually)! I’m hoping that adding back in OPK’s this month will give me a little more clarity before O! Oh, I forgot to say earlier that I like your interpretation of HIO...I’m not a huge fan of the original meaning! Haha. 
    @ssbl so sorry for CD1! I’m glad you were able to get an appt for testing...it stinks to be at that point, but hopefully you get some answers/clarity soon! Were you able to get in fairly soon? 
    @mvt2003 well...the cuddle up inside with the pups option won out! It’s still just drizzly and gross! We’ll try to do better next week! 
  • ssblssbl
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    @ziggymama06 Love Amy Poehler!

    @bluetickgal Miraculously, yes. One of the other reasons MH and I decided to call now as opposed to waiting another cycle or two is because my gyno is notoriously hard to see--I have to make my checkup appointments two or three months in advance. But I guess they had a freak opening, or maybe they just see non-checkup patients sooner, because my appointment is Monday afternoon. I was so shocked I confirmed the date with the office assistant twice haha

    Married: June 2017

    Me: 34 / H: 34

    TTC #1: March 2019

  • @photographerwife sorry for all the stress around your car. I hope you can work things out without any big issues.

    @kmalls thanks. I'm definitely very lucky to work in a district that is so supportive of the arts. Sorry for your insomnia last night. It always makes the next day so hard. Hopefully it wasn't too bad today.

    @bluetickgal I'm pretty sure I'll be on all of the interview committees. That's been past practice. Plus I'll have insight to the job and questions to ask that admin might not think it know to ask. I hope the weather cleared and you were able to get your walk in!

    @ssbl thanks! Sorry for CD 1! Good luck with your appointment! I hope you can get some clarity! 
  • @ssbl that is great you were able to get in so quickly! 
    @gingermama29 that’s great! Hopefully you are happy with who they end up hiring in the end! Ah, we skipped the walk and watched Harry Potter instead...a better night in the end! ☺️
  • @gingermama29 That’s nice for the security of it. But that’ll be quite an undertaking for the department to hire so many! Do they involve you in any aspects of the hiring? 

    @ziggymama06 sounds like a busy work week, yikes. So extra yay for tomorrow being Friday for you! 

    @mvt2003 You might be the busiest person I know. Reading all your posts I feel like you’re always running around. And you still somehow run (like exercise run run) throughout all of that?!! Amazing. 

    @photographerwife Sorry you’re still having to deal with crap related to a bad lease. Hopefully you aren’t in the hole for too much And you can soon be free from this nightmare lease situation. 

    @kmalls Sorry about the insomnia, that sounds miserable. 

    @bluetickgal I hope the weather cooperates and you can get your walk in. I find it so hard to get motivated with exercise when it’s gloomy. 

    @ssbl I’m glad you were able to get an quick appointment. Fingers crossed for some clarity for you guys in the next few weeks. 

  • @tyrion_ Ha I am dying at that! I am irritatingly busy haha!!! I also spent tonight running errands for work (picking up balloons for the shower tomorrow, and dropping all of my decorations off at the office after hours so they won't be seen!) and now I'm making a powerpoint presentation for the shower of all of the dangerous things my coworker should avoid on his honeymoon (he's going to a resort in an area that he had to get special vaccines to go to so yeah he's freaking out and we're poking fun because we're supportive like that!) 
    me: 34 / so: 34 | ttc #1 since 9/2018

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  • @tyrion_ I'm pretty sure I'll be on all of the hiring committees. I've also indicated to the mentor coordinator that I would be interested in mentoring at least one if not two of the new hires next year. 
  • I suck at the dailies this week, I’m going to try to join in tomorrow but am doing some catch up now 

    @gingermama29 if you think you will have serious trouble finding candidates, you should find a way to recruit in PA. I don’t know how it works with licensing etc but there are way more teachers than jobs here and I’m sure you would find quality people willing to move. I don’t know how practical that is for your school district but you would get a mountain of resumes if it was here. 

    @inthewoods23 I’m so sorry for AF’s rude appearance❤️

    @photographerwife I also despise car shopping. There’s a “no haggle” place near us and we bought DH’s car there and it was amazing. Good luck and I hope it’s not too painful. 
  • @bows22 I love that idea. We actually had a PA certified music sub in our district who has been trying to get hired full time in NY but is dealing with a lot of bs requirements that NY has to have her certification valid in this state. NY has intense requirements that a lot of other states don't, which is kind of stupid if you ask me. I do remember in college being told that with a NY certification, I could teach in pretty much any other state, no problem, because of how intense the requirements were to get certified but that it was much harder to teach in NY if you were certified in a different state.
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