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WTO Monday 11/4

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






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  • @feather_heather Ahhhh hoping you get great news today about your embryos! And I do live in Florida. Very spoiled by all the attractions around here. 

    @bows22 Good luck with your bloodwork and ultrasound! 
  • meri-macmeri-mac
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    @gingermama29 Absolutely stick around! We want you to keep us up-to-date with all non-TTC info as well :smile:

    @tyrion_ Sounds like that Mickey Mouse is a terrible influence :tongue: So glad you had fun this weekend!

    @feather_heather Fx the swelling goes away and the transfer day comes quickly! Let us know what the nurse says. I'm a little nervous now. I can't take the day after my ER off :disappointed:

    @bows22 Hope you don't have to take too much work home with you!

    @ziggymama06 You are a good sister! My mom refused to take any of her children out to drive :lol: Too many traumatic experiences with the eldest boy!

    @mvt2003 Fx for the appointment!

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  • @meri-mac - Holy moly!! 20 follicles on each side!? I'd recommend taking the day off after, but everyone's recovery is different! I have heart problems so I can't push myself too much after surgeries or when I'm sick. 
  • @feather_heather I know! I was shocked, but the nurse repeated it a few times so I know it wasn't me mishearing. I've warned my co-workers about it and Friday is usually a pretty chill day. Has your clinic said anything about the swelling?
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  • @mvt2003 Good luck this afternoon at the Reproductive Urologist!!

    @meri-mac Wow, 20 follies on each side is amazing!!  It seems that unfortunately, weeping comes with this process in all stages.  Great that your hubby was able to fact check and calm you down.  Stay positive girl!!  Fx!  And that's too funny that your mother refused to teach you or you siblings to drive after one bad experience!  Although I can't say I blame her  :D

    @NamelessAria Ugh, I'm sorry for CD 1 but at least you can start fresh this cycle.  Why are you no longer able to temp?  Sorry, I missed this.  Re:  my chart- I have no idea why I have solid circles.  This is my first time temping so I'm new to this.  PS. your SN always reminds me of my favorite hotel in Vegas (or anywhere really), the Aria.  Hubs and I have stayed there three times and love it.  <3

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  • *lurking from TWW* 

    @meri-mac I asked my RE about releasing ALL THE EGGS and she said it's not possible so don't sweat it! I just had to ask because I temped during one of my IUI cycles and based on my temps I had O'ed the day after the trigger shot/day before the IUI so I was freaking out thinking by taking the trigger for the ER 36 hours prior that they would all release the day before the actual retrieval. We got 24 eggs so all was good 🙂
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  • Thanks ladies. You're all so sweet, awesome, and supportive and I'm grateful for all of you on here. ❤️
    @tyrion_ thanks friend. Glad you had an awesome weekend (minus the hangover)! It sounds like it was super fun!

    @feather_heather thank you. Can't wait to hear your update and am crossing everything for you in your transfer tomorrow!!

    @bows22 thanks friend. I hope everything went well with the blood work and US.

    @ziggymama06 thanks friend. Ooooh you are brave to take your sister out driving. Glad it went well though.

    @mvt2003 good luck at the reproductive urologist this afternoon. Hope everything goes well!

    @meri-mac thanks friend. And holy follies!!! That's exciting!! Crossing everything for you!!

    @NamelessAria thank you friend. I'm sorry for CD 1 but I'm glad you're out of that frustrating "limbo" phase of knowing you're out but still waiting for AF.

    @photographerwife thank you. Glad you had a nice weekend with your family.  
  • @photographerwife Your weekend sounds so lovely visiting with family.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one with siblings much younger!  I also have a little brother who is 13 in addition to my 16 yo sister.  I'm sorry for your cold and hope you feel better soon... I am totally with you that this waiting stuff sucks.  And thanks... it was fun and I don't get to see my sister very often either.  It's so weird because I only had one drink both nights like way before I went to sleep too... I guess we will see what my temp does the rest of this week and hopefully FF gets its act together.  
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  • Month/Cycle: 18/13/2 AL#2 

    CD: 1

    WAYDTGKU: Letrozole, Metformin, prenatal, Conceive Plus, HIO at least EOD, re-starting OPK’s this cycle, temping/tracking with FF, and progesterone after O.

    R/R: It’s Monday and CD1...so that’s been fun! Haha. It was a super busy day at work, so at least it went by fast! I’m ready to get going on this next cycle...so I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long for AF to arrive! 

    CS/Q: None.

    @gingermama29 I’m glad you were able to come to a decision that you are hopefully both happy with! Yes, please stick around! I’d definitely miss you if you didn’t! 

    @tyrion_ sounds like an awesome weekend...but so sorry you are paying for it today! Hope you get to feeling better! 

    @feather_heather so sorry you are still swollen!! Hope you get wonderful news about your embryos!! So excited for your transfer tomorrow!! Everything crossed for you!! 

    @bows22 I hope your CD3 appt went well today! That stinks you have to miss work and leave the newer person, but hopefully it won’t be too bad...and hopefully you can get everything done without having to work too much in the evenings! 

    @ziggymama06 sorry your weekend went by too fast, but that’s awesome you took your little sister driving! I’m sure that was a bit scary, but glad she did well! Hope FF gets it’s act together soon! 

    @mvt2003 hope the appt with the Reproductive Urologist went well! 

    @meri-mac my goodness, that’s a lot of follies!! Yay, you are so close to the ER!! Sorry for the scare this weekend with the medicine leaking, but glad YH got some clarity from the Internet! 

    @NamelessAria glad AF arrived so you could move on from last cycle! That stinks you can’t temp to get some clarity...maybe explain to YH that it’s making you a bit stressed not knowing what is going on without temping! Maybe you could go back to temping this cycle and see how it goes? Sorry if not though, that stinks! 

    @photographerwife glad you had a good weekend, despite AF!! Hope your cold goes away soon! Yes, the constant waiting while TTC gets a bit old!! Hope all of our waiting periods are almost over! 

  • @bows22 thanks friend!! I knew it was coming...yet I still took another test yesterday and was slightly disappointed when AF arrived this morning! But yes...let’s get the August hype going!! I have a feeling we are going to flood August!! 
  • @bluetickgal my LP was 1 day longer than normal so I got my hopes up again and was disappointed when AF arrived so I am with you!
  • @bows22 ugh, so sorry your body faked you out! I have a good feeling this is your cycle!!
  • @bluetickgal I'm sorry for CD 1.  At least your day went fast and you are ready to take on this next cycle! Eat some ice cream and have that wine 💙
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  • NamelessAriaNamelessAria
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    @bluetickgal sorry for CD1. :(

    @ziggymama06 I'm spoiler boxing this because it does mention previous losses and pregnancy/living child breifly.

    Basically I can't temp because my husband will not agree to a more active TTC approach. We have already been through actively TTC to have our first. It was nearly 2 years of trying with over a year of temping, charting, OPKs, timing sex and all that. Plus fertility testing, medicated cycles, and losses. The infertility and recurrent losses took a huge toll on me. And apparently it hurt our relationship? I didn't actually know that till my husband mentioned it when we discussed trying for another. He agreed to another but on the condition that I don't temp or "go crazy with all the tracking." I asked why I couldn't temp or do all the things to track and he said "it really hurt our relationship the first time around when you did all that. It stressed you out too much." I tried to tell him it was the infertility and recurrent losses that stressed me out not temping but he is firm on only trying for another if I don't temp. I think it's stupid but I'm trying to respect his wishes. And I'm hoping he will change his mind at some point. But until he does I'm trying my best to figure out what the hell my body is doing without temping and it sucks.

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  • @NamelessAria I'm sorry girl... does stinks.  While TTC does put a strain on a relationship to begin with, especially if the process takes an extended period of time.  I can totally see the "fun" being taken out and things become super routine.  Maybe the use of OPKs (?) can shed some light on your cycle.  I hope you guys work it out... sometimes not knowing is more stressful.  I know for me being type A and wanting to control everything, it completely stresses me out when things are not in order or any last minute plans, etc.... so having no idea about timing and my cycle would really rile me up.  I completely understand that it was the circumstances that stressed you out more so than temping.  Give him time and perhaps he will come around.   <3
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