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Newbie Intros week of 10.28

Welcome, new members! Please read The Ultimate TTGP Guide pinned at the top of the board ( It's full of information about TTGP and about our community here on The Bump. Please introduce yourself and share as much (or as little) as you would like. Once you're ready, feel free to jump into any of our daily/weekly threads to participate in the community!

Ages (you and SO): 

How many months have you been TTC?: 

What are you doing to get knocked up (WAYDTGKU)?: 

Tell us about yourself! (Kids, pets, job, hobbies, etc.):

Re: Newbie Intros week of 10.28

  • @lovingfleminglife0706 welcome! It’s a lovely group of supportive ladies so I hope it provides a nice resource for you. Love your dog’s name. Our dog is named Little Debbie so I’m a fan of all dogs named after sweet treats. 😂
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  • @JessDG I used to have a Corgi! He past a little over a year ago, which crushed me as he was an incredible dog! His name was Pongo :)
    Our TTC Journey
    TTC #1: May 2011
    BFP: 10/27/2011 |  EDD: 6/30/12
    DS born 6/28/12 via C/S 3 

    TTC #2: September 2018
    Me: 36 | DH: 39
    Mirena removed 9/13/2018 after 6 years
    BFP 11/11/2018 | MC @ 5.5 weeks on Thanksgiving
    July 2019 - Diagnosed with Secondary Unexplained IF
    August 2019 - 2.5 mg of Letrozole = Never Ovulated so Trigger and IUI were cancelled
    9/30/2019 - IUI #1 (5 mg of Letrozole + Trigger) =  BFP but Betas showed CP @ 4 weeks
    10/28/2019 - IUI #2 (7.5mg of Letrozole + Trigger) = BFN
    11/25/2019 - IUI #3 (7.5mg of Letrozole, Trigger + Crinone after IUI) = BFN
    12/24/2019 - IUI #4 (7.5mg of Letrozole + Crinone after IUI) = BFN
    1/24/2020 - IUI #5 (50mg of Clomid + Trigger + Crinone after IUI) = BFN and an Ovarian Cyst
    3/2/2020 - Taking a break to reset/NTNP
    11/1/2020 - At peace with where things are in life and are no long actively TTC. Whatever happens will happen and it will all be okay. <3

  • Hey, girlfraaaaaaand! 

    Me: 37 / DH: 41
    Due with baby #2: Feb 2022

  • Welcome, @sojosono888! Do you have any pictures of your pupper?
  • @sojosono888 What a sweetie! Love the chairs, btw!
  • @meri-mac thank you!!! Amazon! :smiley:
  • @sojosono888 we have a 10 month old cane Corso! She’s 90lbs 😬

  • @mommyofboysxo she's so pretty!!!! 😍😍😍 I'm so jealous of all your pets!! How big is Lola?! Is she friendly?
  • @sojosono888 Lola is about 50 lbs. She is as big as she is going to get now. So she’s pretty small for a potbelly. And obviously a lot smaller than our dogs. She’s a sweet girl. Super good with the kids and other animals. The only thing is pigs are very mischievous because they are so smart. 
  • Hi everyone! I've been on the bump and this board before and wanted to jump back in to meet some awesome new people! 

    Ages (you and SO): 26 and 31

    How many months have you been TTC?: 11

    What are you doing to get knocked up (WAYDTGKU)?: OPKs, tracking CM, taking flaxseed/EPO/vitex

    Tell us about yourself! (Kids, pets, job, hobbies, etc.): I have a daughter that's almost 3 and she is such a smart, kind, strong willed handful lol.

    **Possible TW - Loss**
    I've had 2 losses: my first in 2016 then again in July this year. 
    **End TW**

    I work in banking and my husband works in law enforcement. It's a crazy life since my husband just became a K9 Officer so now we have 3 dogs. My hobbies include singing and playing piano in my church, crafts, decorating, gardening, cooking, and trying to keep my sanity hahaha 😁 
    Me: 24  DH: 28

    Married: 9/2013

    Love my LEO!!

    TTC #1: 9/2015

    BFP: 2/1/16  MC 2/8/16 @ 5wks

    BFP: 5/22/16 RAINBOW BABY

    EDD: 1/30/2017 *IT'S A GIRL!!!!* 

    Kirsten Grace 1/20/17                            

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