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Conceiving after early loss?

Hello all, 
Just had a Chemical Pregnancy & loss this week (was about 5.5 weeks along). I knew what was happening as I am seeing an Infertility doctor and they were tracking my HCG levels every 2 days (history is when I was pregnant end of 2018 and we had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks (Feb '19) followed by a D&C as my body didn't miscarry naturally - Since February ‘19, I was super irregular and not ovulating every month, until this September when I ovulated, then conceived, and now our second loss).
The nurse called today to confirm that my HCG levels have come down to 0 (5 days since I started bleeding), and when I asked about trying again right away she said “if it were me, I would wait a month, but I don’t have any notes from the doctor.” I asked her if there was a risk in trying to conceive now, and she couldn’t give me a straight answer. I am confused though, as everything I have read about Chemical Pregnancies indicates that there is no reason to wait if you emotionally feel up to it.

Anyone in this group conceive right after Chemical Pregnancy and have healthy live birth? And if being treated by a doctor, what was the advice you received after your chemical pregnancy?


Re: Conceiving after early loss?

  • I was advised to wait until my first period to engage in adult play time, but I was 10w4d at the time of my loss, so it was less like a period and more like The Shining. There were NO restrictions on when I could conceive again. I do know some women who have conceived on the next cycle and gone on to have healthy pregnancies. Ultimately, call your doctor...or get a consult from another if you can't get a straight answer. 
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    I was told that I could start right away after our loss at 8 weeks.  The nurse explained that the only reason some doctors advice to wait one cycle is to help ensure you can better determine the age of your new pregnancy.  She said that there no health reasons needed to wait.

    My sister got pregnant right after a d&c procedure (she didnt get a period after the procedure). My niece is 16 years old now.
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  • First, I am so sorry for your loss. I would listen to the advice of your doctor. I know, typically after a loss they advise waiting 1-3 months to let your body recover. That said, cp are often treaded differently and waiting is not always required. Either way, I would contact your OB and heed their recommendation. 
  • I've had two miscarriages.  On my 2nd one that happened around 10w (but wasn't discovered until my first trimester check up), my hormones and menstrual cycles were pretty out of whack (lasted for ~3mo and long after my HCG levels went back to zero).

    Hormones, particularly having the right levels of estrogen and progesterone, can play a big part in the start of a healthy pregnancy, so I would recommend to wait at least one cycle to confirm that bbt, luteal phase length, etc look good. Then at least you know you're going into your next try on even footing. I rushed into my 2nd time ttc and it ended in another MC. I had some other issues identified that I'm now working on to resolve before try #3.

    After each of my D&Cs, my dr. recommended waiting 2-3 months before ttc again. I'm not a doctor, so this is just my two cents! Everyone is different, so no real "right answer" I know the thought of waiting can feel unbearable, especially when you feel Father Time clicking against your head. It's been 6 months since my last D&C and hoping to try again in Dec. FX for both of us ♡
  • So sorry to hear about your losses, it’s so tough to deal with.

    I had a D&C in October and had a check in with my doctor 2 weeks later. My period had just started (though the flow was weird) when I went in for the follow up appointment. My doctor said everything looked fine after the surgery and that physically I can start trying again once my period is done. I in no way feel emotionally ready for that but got the green light if I wanted it. 

    She said the only reason doctors tell women to wait 2-3 cycles (assuming everything looks decent physically) is so that you can track better and have a better idea of how far along you are but since they start the ultrasounds so early now, even if you’re not sure of timing of conception the early ultrasounds will figure that out for you.
  • With my losses, I always got pregnant on or about the 3rd cycle after. 3rd time was the first charm for me...and then two more losses and another third time's a charm for my twins. My doctor advised waiting at least 1 full cycle, so that's all I ever did. 
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