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Symptoms Early Pregnancy

Hi all. I did a round of letrazole with a trigger shot. I found out today it worked and I am pregnant! Yay! If I’m doing math correctly this puts me at about 2 weeks. I’ll be calling my doctor tomorrow but wanted input on what I’m feeling: cramping in my lower abdomen that I would describe as butterflies but sharper. Not stabbing but also not like dull PMS cramps. They don’t hurt really but definitely noticeable, almost like a tickle with pins & needles maybe. Thoughts? 

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  • Normal. And that puts you at 4 weeks. The time between LMP and ovulation/two weeks prior to ovulation count.
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    @kiki75 thank you! Puts my mind at ease at least for the night!!
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  • @b_free_3 Know that cramping in early pregnancy is so normal. The positive test you had is more important than any symptom to say you are pregnant. With DD my cramping was so like PMS cramps I was in denial that I could even be pregnant but I was. Everything I've read (to put my mind at ease) has said cramps worse than PMS might be a cause for concern. Take it easy on yourself, try not to dissect every symptom, and enjoy being pregnant. 
  • @jrouge12 your reply came at such a perfect time as I spent half of the day yesterday having PMS style cramps. I just have to ride this out & enjoy the fact that I got my BFP! Thanks so much!
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