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UO Thursday 10/24

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  • I have one but it’s about parents. I was inspired by @b_1029’s coworker. I’m scared because it’s unpopular for sure 😬
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  • @tyrion_ totally agree!!!! Like, my mornings are a breeze just because I don’t have a kid? Shit can happen to anyone. 

    @millpe I usually get to work around 9 but no one in my department is usually there before 8:30 so I’ve just been trained haha 

    @mvt2003 ME TOO!!! Even though I hate Christmas before Halloween / thanksgiving, I may start watching some when DH is on a business trip next week lol. They’re my guilty pleasure for sure 

    Also... whipped cream is a gross, useless topping 
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    Are you talking about being late to one 9am meeting? Or late to ALL 9am meetings? Because while I don’t believe parents should get a blanket pass to be late every single day, I would hope co-workers could give some grace on a single instance here and there. This is the battle working parents are constantly facing: parent as if you don’t work, work as if you don’t parent. If a kid falls and scrapes a knee on the mad dash to the car in the morning, sometimes you have to pause and give some comfort. And if that makes a person a little late? I mean...I guess I’d be ok with that. 

  • @tyrion_ gotcha. I would be unhappy in any work environment where a parent being late is ok but anyone else is reprimanded. 
  • @kmalls I worked in that environment and it was such BS. It also was super unfair for holiday scheduling. It was a hospital so we “rotated” holidays. Guess who got preferential treatment? 
  • @tyrion_ ughhh that’s such crap and would totally breed so much resentment. Management needs to be better than that. I’m sorry you experienced that. 
  • Even though I do love a fresh bouquet of flowers, I also like how they look when they die. Especially when it’s Halloween time. 

    I agree with all of the opinions of parents who work and take advantage of the fact that they’re parents.
    My manager told me one of our employees said that we wouldn’t understand what it’s like because we don’t have kids (I WISH I heard her say that) she was mad we wouldn’t let her leave early when we were slammed because she needed to go pick up her kids without finding coverage for her shift. 
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    @konoha: response below! TW: talk of working parents.

    Edit: shit, my spoiler didn’t work and now TB ate the response. I’m just gonna move on :D
  • So another take on the kid / late thing. Lc tw
    Lc mentioned

    Before I had my son I didn’t *do* mornings. I still don’t, but now someone is jumping on me at 5 am yelling about how it’s not darked anymore and he’s hungy. Makes getting to that 9 am meeting a lot easier than when it was just me and the cat. 

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    Snapchat is annoying. I don’t have time to look at them before they expire half the time. I turn off alerts and yet I get alerts. Doesn’t make sense. 
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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