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Is it over?

Hello everyone, 
I'm new to the group.  I had my first ultrasound  on October 9th.  I measured 5 weeks and 5 days.  I had a second ultrasound today (13 days later) and measured at 6 weeks and 2 days.  There was a large sac with a yolk sac inside, BUT no heart beat detected.  Has this happened to anyone, what was your outcome? I have no cramping or bleeding and my boobs are sensitive.  No nausea though.  I'm so worried.  Could the first ultrasound be off on measurements?  I'm not sure when my last period started which makes matters worse.  Any insight is appreciated.

Re: Is it over?

  • @mahogannie I wouldn’t get worried just yet. I had a miscarriage and D&C this week. This was our first pregnancy and it’s been devastating but the difference with your ultrasounds and mine is that there was actually growth. Our first ultrasound measured 6 weeks and then 8 days later it was still 6 weeks, maybe slightly smaller, so no growth.

    The estimated size in weeks is based on averages so even though 13 days passed your little babe can be a few days smaller and still be fine. As long as you’re seeing growth, that’s a good sign! Also the earliest the heartbeat is detected is 6-7 weeks but sometimes it’s not heard until week 8 or later so you still have time. Best of luck, try to stay calm and be kind to yourself : )
  • @mahogannie, I've had both outcomes. My 2nd pregnancy I measured 5w3d with an empty sac and no HB, by LMP, I should have been 8w3d. I went back in a week later, and I was measureing 6w0d and there was a heartbeat. It should have been a clue my little monster was going to be so high maint! He's now 7yo and the sweetest, most loving, cuddling, infuriatingly, mischievously curious little guy you could have met.

    My third pregnancy, I went in at 7w3d, and I measured 5w6d, with no heartbeat. I went in 2.5w later, and I measured 6w3d, with a heartbeat. That pregnancy ended in a natural loss a few days later. I will say just before my loss, ALL of my symptoms completely disappeared, and my breasts "deflated" about 2 days before the actual miscarriage. 

    It's hard, I know, but try to be patient. One lesson I learned was to not fight attachment to my pregnancy. In the end, it didn't stop me from grieving or being hurt...but I didn't have anyone to lean on because I convinced everyone I was just fine. I wasn't. 
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