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Miscarried due to strong iron?

Hi ladies, I was wondering something since my miscarriage ... I had gone to get a scan done and my baby’s heart was beating and was growing well at 9 weeks.. after I saw my doctor, he suspected I was somewhat anemic just like my previous pregnancy. So he made me do some blood tests to prove it but since I was leaving for vacation the day after my appointment and wasnt gonna get the results in time, he prescribed me a high amount of iron and had me start taking it. When I got back from vacation, I suffered the miscarriage.. I can’t help but wondering, did the high amount of iron harm my unborn baby? In my previous pregnancy I was only put on the high amount of iron only around 5-6 months into the pregnancy .. I don’t understand why I had to be put on high amount of iron when I was 9-10 weeks.. I keep thinking what if .. and I’m heart broken. I should have went with my instinct and just waited for the blood test results. I was doubting my doctor but I ended up trusting his advice in the end.. the blood tests ended up being that I was OK with my iron.. that’s why I can’t seem to let this theory go..  anyway sadly now that this happened I changed OB.. and the new one I have is much more understanding and cautious .. so I am just wondering what some of yous think about this ?😔thank you

Re: Miscarried due to strong iron?

  • I'm sorry for your loss. However, there is really NO point in dwelling on what caused your MC.  You took iron supplements before and it was fine. Low iron can cause severe defects in the unborn fetus. If you don't trust your doctor, it's probably good that you switched but there is NO point in beating yourself up over the MC and it's causes. Sometimes you just never know what actually happened and although that is frustrating, it is not good mentally to focus so much on it. Bad things happen and sometimes there's no rhyme or reason for it. I recommend therapy to help sort through the things you're feeling right now, especially since you seem to be hyper-focused on diet/supplements/pills. 
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