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Super Anxious - Possible Chemical Pregnancy?

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Hi Ladies - This is my first post, but I'm definitely not new to the struggles of infertility. I had my son in 2017 after my third IUI cycle. This time we're not having the same luck, and i'm in the 2WW after our 4th IUI. Feeling a lot of pressure because the doctors strongly recommend this be our last, and that we move on to IVF if it fails. This cycle we had back to back IUIs 10/8 and 10/9 and a second Ovidrel trigger on 10/11 (they don't recommend this protocol anymore, but its what we did when I conceived my son, so they were willing to give it another shot for our last attempt). I've been testing out the trigger, and got what I think is a strong BFP last night. I was ecstatic, but when I tested again this morning it was lighter. My Beta HCG is Wednesday and I'm having an overwhelming about of anxiety of this. I know I need to stop testing and stay positive, but I'm feeling defeated and like this may be a chemical pregnancy. Anyone ever experience anything like this? Thanks in advance!

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  • I feel you - having had my son with a second IUI and now I’m on my 3rd with the same pressure. For me, first morning urine wasn’t the strongest. It was always my afternoon urine. You won’t know until beta so just hang in there. 
    I had a chemical last month and it didn’t even show up on a first response 
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  • Thank you!! I ran home last night and took 3 more tests, which were much more promising! I convinced doctor to let me do my Beta this morning (a day early). Now just waiting on the call..
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