Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

d&c followed by blood cloths in uterus 2 weeks after

I’m wondering if anyone experienced this.. I had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks.. I had a d&c 19 days ago (which the doctor who performed it said she removed all and everything looked perfect and clear inside).. since then I have been just lightly spotting the first few days then had dark brown blood come down.. I was feeling lots of aches.. back aches and leg aches as well as a pressure in my uterus and hot flushes.. so I asked my doctor to have me do an ultrasound which he did and found I have 3cmx3cmx2cm blood clots.. I saw my doctor last week and she drained some with a suction but it didn’t look like any of the big ones came out as she showed me only small ones.. I see her again next week. I’m wondering did anyone else go through this ?? My doctor doesn’t want to have to perform another d&c to remove them.. do blood clots dissolve eventually ? I’m quite worried as I don’t know anything about blood clots and how they even happened to form :( feeling quite down. Any insight would be great help, thank you!
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