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First pregnancy not viable...

We initially went in for an 8 week appointment but it was only measuring at 6 weeks. We went in for our 2nd ultrasound today and unfortunately the baby hadn’t grown at all since the last visit. They gave us the option of waiting for the miscarriage to come naturally since I’m already spotting, taking the pill or doing the D&C. I think I’m gonna wait for it to happen naturally and if it doesn’t schedule the D&C. This was my first pregnancy and I was so worried about the physical aspects of being pregnant I didn’t think about how emotionally scaring this would be. I keep trying to be positive, like I’m happy this didn’t happen later in the pregnancy but I’m also just finding myself crying very easily. I saw other pregnant women in the waiting room and it bummed me out; I really don’t want to feel sad about someone else’s joy but here I am. Just needed to vent with folks who have been through this. Thanks for the support ladies!

Re: First pregnancy not viable...

  • I'm so sorry. Just heartbreaking. I'm going through something similar - hugs, girl. Be kind to yourself and patient with your body. Hoping for your rainbow baby soon!
  • Thanks so much, you’re absolutely right about being kind to yourself. Intellectually I know this isn’t my fault but I’m still having feelings of guilt or that maybe I could have done something different. Thanks for the support and good luck to you too since you’re in the same spot.
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  • Hello!

    I received a call that my pregnancy was not viable this morning. My levels were extremely low. I was only spotting light brown. But this is my 2nd mc. I am waiting to go in for my US for closure I guess. 
    Dont be too hard on yourself and take all the time you need to grieve ♡ prayers for you 
  • So sorry to hear that, especially the 2nd time around. Thanks for the support and I’m rooting for you 
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