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No sleep makes mommy go crazy

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I have a 1 month old that sleeps great during the day, but at night absolutely will not sleep. We swaddle,don’t swaddle,use white noise,don’t use white noise, rock him. We even followed the old wives tail of flipping him! Another concern that I am not sure if it’s normal 1 month old behavior or not is that he wants to nurse all day as well. I believe a lot of that is comfort nursing and not necessarily because he is hungry. He will spit up frequently after eating and sometimes an hour or so later. It’s usually a decent amount and a bit curdled, then will want more. I don’t want to over feed him so I worry about this. I guess my questions are:
1. How in the world can we get our baby to sleep longer than in 30 min spurts (if that) at night?
2. Is it okay that he nurses constantly? Sometimes every 30 min to an hour.
3. Is the spit up amount and frequency normal??? Could it be reflux?? He is quite gassy.

Any advice is so appreciated!! Thank you

Re: No sleep makes mommy go crazy

  • What a beautiful baby and a gorgeous head of hair!

    I know you posted this over a week ago or so, but I hope you're doing a little better. While I don't have any info on the cluster feeding/spit up, I definitely recommend the Taking Cara Babies program. This woman, Cara, is based out of Phoenix Arizona, was a neo-natal nurse, and created a program to help new moms/dads learn to help their babies sleep, figure out sleeping cues, how to comfort, etc. It's an online class and totally worth it. I took it when my son was 4 weeks old because I was desperate for help. Obviously, not everything works for every baby, but I learned a lot. I was mistaking sleeping/tired cues for hunger cues, so I was overfeeding him thinking it's what he wanted instead of putting him down to offer a nap. It made my evenings and nights so much easier. Message me if you need more info :)
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