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Trying to Get Pregnant

Ten Things Tuesday 10.8

What are you thankful for today? 

Re: Ten Things Tuesday 10.8

  • 1. My super comfy bed
    2. Amazon and its quick shipping
    3. Having a manageable class this year
    4. Good health insurance 
    5. Easy access to everything in NJ
    6. Friends who are rooting for us
    7. The ability to take a vacation this year
    8. Donors Choose for helping classrooms
    9. Decently warm fall weather 
    10. A job that allows me to make a difference in the world
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 36 DH 35 
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 8/21/17    NMC 1/8/16 at 7w6d
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/17/17   DS born 11/25/17 via ECS
    TTC 12/2018   BFP 6/2/19   EDD 2/12/20  NMC / BO at 7 weeks, low progesterone
    RE appointment 8/20
    TTC 7/2019   BFP 8/21/19 EDD 4/22/20 CP at 5 weeks
    TTC 8/19    IUI  w/ Clomid + trigger + progesterone 10/19

    AMA, ITP in pregnancy, and vWD type II - low Factor VIII
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  • konohakonoha
    250 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments Name Dropper
    1. My H, because he puts up with my crazy self
    2. My pups, they keep me company even though they’re nuts sometimes.
    3. Friends to play games with.
    4. Tacos.
    5. Comfortable places to sleep.
    6. My mom & my in-laws.
    7. Coffee & margaritas.
    8. *Some* of my coworkers.
    9. Costco.
    10. Always y’all.
    me: 28
    dh: 26
    married: 10/18
    ttc #1: 9/19


  • 1) DH. He’s been driving me nuts w his snappiness lately—the TWW has been getting to him too. But MY GAWD, he is with me on this ride! 
    2) Improved finances just in time to support this prolonged IF journey
    3) The miracles of modern science 
    4) My family
    5) Gorgeous weather
    6) Access to healthy organic foods
    7) Whole Foods sparkling water in BPA-free cans 
    8) My perfectly comfy bed
    9) Phone, text, email, air travel—all amazing! 
    10) TB community: I’ve learned so much more than I ever knew I needed to know. 
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