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WTO Weekend 10/5 - 10/6

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






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Me: 32; Him: 36
Married: Oct 20, 2013
BFP 1: Aug 31, 2015
EDD 1: May 12, 2016
DD1 Emma born May 12, 2016
An Honest Account of New Motherhood (with Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, and OCD)

BFP 2: October 07, 2019
EDD 2: June 20, 2020


Re: WTO Weekend 10/5 - 10/6

  • Happy weekend!

    Month/Cycle: 28/23

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: temping, OPKs (probably starting Monday), HIO a few times, waiting on BW results

    R/R: the rehearsal dinner was so fun last night. It's going to be a great wedding today 😃 unfortunately rain is in the forecast so that may put a damper on things, and I totally forgot to pack my umbrella or rain coat.

    CS/Q: this is what I get for temping at 7 instead of 5 when I had woken up for the 3rd time last night

    TTGP October Siggy Challege - Hocus Pocus, Beeches!

    Me: 30 DH:32

    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16

    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained but low morph

    IUI #1-3 all BFN

    IVF #1 - 6/11/19
    24R, 17M, 15F, 6B, PGT-A tested - 5 normal, 3 girls & 2 boys

    FET #1 - 9/10/19
    Best male not viable after thaw, used boy #2 (both graded 5BB)
    Beta 9/20/19....BFN
    "I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you, but I don't know your name"

    FET #2 - Tentatively January 2020 after loss, ERA, and Receptiva testing 

  • @inthewoods23 glad you had fun at the rehearsal dinner! Enjoy the wedding today!

    Month/Cycle: 4/3

    CD: 28

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, tracking CF, using FF, OPKs, prenatals

    R/R: Today should be a nice quiet day at home, which is fine by me! I'll drive out to my hometown tomorrow and meet up with my sister and SIL to go to the annual fall festival. I'm planning on stopping by my favorite farm in town too and getting their fresh apple cider, a bag of apples, and their amazing apple fritters too. Forget pumpkin; apples are the best fall food!

    CS/Q: I feel like this is going to end up being an an-O cycle for me. That could be the frustration speaking but I'm mentally feeling like this just isn't going to be my cycle. 

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  • konohakonoha
    250 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments Name Dropper

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: bbt, opk, cm, charting, pnv, hio, water

    R/R: I have to work tonight :( it’s going to be terrible, and then I have to work tomorrow morning. I was supposed to work this morning by my manager asked me to switch with her so she could fire someone. Typical. 

    We made salmon again last night which was so good. I got to have leftovers today. Brought the dogs to the park and it was fun!

    I know I’ve been in the south too long when 75 and cloudy feels chilly to me :D yesterday I got mums and a pumpkin so I was pretty stoked about that. I’ll post a pic when I get my wreath. It’s nothjng too exciting though. 

    CS/Q:  took my first opk yesterday and it was negative obv. My control line was pretty light compared to some I’ve seen online so I was curious about that. I’ll see how today’s looks. Temp rose a bit probably because I woke up frequently last night. I remember having lots of dreams so I must have chilled in rem a lot. 

    @inthewoods23 I’m glad you had fun at the rehearsal! Have a great time at the wedding!!! 

    @gingermama29 yay for having a quiet day at home! The fall festival sounds so nice :) I’m sorry your cycle is looking like it may be an-o, Fx something changes. 

    me: 28
    dh: 26
    married: 10/18
    ttc #1: 9/19


  • @inthewoods23 I hope you enjoy the wedding. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

    @gingermama29 the trip to the farm to get things sounds lovely! I'm sorry that this cycle looks to be anovulatory. That sucks. If that is the case hopefully it will just end soon so you can move on.

    @konoha oh yes I want to see the wreath! I need some fall wreath inspiration. Sorry about having to work tonight and them again in the morning.

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 1

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, CoQ10, baby aspirin, OPKs, checking CM, sex.

    R/R: I started cramping and spotting last night so I was assuming today would be CD1. I have been completely filling my 25ml menstrual cup every 1-2 hours today so that's been fun. But at least the cramps are minimal so far. I really want a consolation prize beer but I can't drink because FIL is a recovering alcoholic so no alcohol around him. 😩

    Me: 28 Husband: 31
    TTC#1: January 2015- September 2016
    Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
    Rainbow baby born June 6, 2017  ❤️

    Baby #2 due June 12, 2018
    BabyFruit Ticker

  • @konoha ugh sorry you have to work tonight and tomorrow morning. I hope your shifts go by quickly! 

    @NamelessAria sorry for CD 1. And sorry that you can't have your consolation beer. ☹️
  • Month/Cycle: Jan 2018

    CD: 3 

    WAYDTGKU: waiting for the bleeding to stop, then all the things. Again. 

    R/R: I have a really awful food allergy and the conference I was at I (despite being careful) ended up ingesting some. So I've been sleeping and downing benadryal all day, 

    CS/Q: Nothing to to see here. 

    @NamelessAria ;I hate days like that. 
    @inthewoods23 I hope you are having fun at the wedding!
    @gingermama29 So frustrating. 
    @konoha I am in Vermont, it's going to be in the 20's tonight.

  • @konoha my husband bought a sous vide machine, water cooking, and make the most delicious same in there ever. Wondering around Wegmans he learned how to make “fried” salmon and that is also delicious. I swear I’ve been on a salmon kick recently. 

    @NamelessAria that just sounds terrible. That is a serious heavy flow! One thing I love about my diva cup is that I don’t have to worry about it most days at work. But when I do have a heavy day at work, I always try and push it because my worst fear is dropping it in a public toilet. Hopefully you can sneak a drink soon! 

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 10

    WAYDTGKU: pnv, hip, temping 

    R/R: today was such a long day and it continues tomorrow. I bought a whole chicken, potatoes, and carrots to put in the crock pot tomorrow for dinner. Of course we go from 90 to 60 degrees, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice farm weather  

    CS/Q: I’m curious to see how long it takes for my body to change for my fertility window. FF predicts it will start tomorrow, but I’m still creamy, so I’m interested to watch this progress. 

    Married: August 2012
    TTC #1: July 2015
    BFP 1: October 30, 2015; EDD: July 6, 2016- Team Pink
    TTC #2: October 2019

    TTGP October Signature Challenge: Hocus Pocus, Betches!

  • konohakonoha
    250 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments Name Dropper
    @NamelessAria this is the wreath! I will post a photo of it on my door on Tuesday to see what it looks like in real life. I really like it, nice and simple. They have a bunch of others though! im sorry your flow has been so heavy! Glad your cramps aren’t too bad. 

    @gingermama29 thank you! Tonight actually hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, shouldn’t get out too late! 

    @whatsbumpinpumpkin oh rats I’m sorry you are dealing with an allergic reaction on top of everything :( hope it clears up soon! & omg 20s!!!! I’m sure my H would love that. I only like the cold when I’m skiing lol

    @blackgirlmagic yes sous vide stuff is so amazing! I haven’t had salmon like that but I’m sure it’s so good! Salmon is a perfect protein. I’m sorry you’re having a long day. Your crock pot meal sounds yum though. Hopefully your cm will switch over soon! 
    me: 28
    dh: 26
    married: 10/18
    ttc #1: 9/19


  • Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 12

    WAYDTGKU: temping, paying some attention to CF and drive. 

    R/R: Work is a cluster. People are making med errors faster than I can process them and I got a call someone manage to get infected wound juice in their eye. I want to run away. 

    CS/Q: I lost my thermometer for a couple days and haven’t been consistent with times and there’s a couple days of drinking in there so it’s not pretty. I expect to ovulate in the next couple days though assuming things aren’t screwy from being the first BC free cycle. 

    BFP #1 10/30/15 MMC found 11/30/15 D&C 12/11/15 EDD 7/9/16
    BFP #2  3/21   EDD 12/3/16    Nora Mae born 12/6/16
    healing comes in waves, and maybe today the wave hits the rocks and that’s ok, that’s ok, darling. you are still healing, you are still healing- Ijeoma Umebinyuo, be gentle with yourself

  • Chart, not sure what happened there 


    BFP #1 10/30/15 MMC found 11/30/15 D&C 12/11/15 EDD 7/9/16
    BFP #2  3/21   EDD 12/3/16    Nora Mae born 12/6/16
    healing comes in waves, and maybe today the wave hits the rocks and that’s ok, that’s ok, darling. you are still healing, you are still healing- Ijeoma Umebinyuo, be gentle with yourself

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