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Halloween costumes

If you dress up, what are you planning?

Re: Halloween costumes

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  • I got the same shirt @drkoyya! What a fun way to reveal to your anatomy class! I'll be wearing mine for my gender reveal and trick or treating with DD. I considered dressing up as a mummy and getting a (British baby shower) sash that says, "mummy to be." But decided against it because I'm already a mom. 
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  • I'm going to be a witch. I have a fabulous black dress in my wardrobe and I just bought a witch hat and it looks great together. Excited!
  • My first pregnancy, I had a gloriously large belly for Halloween. I dressed as Krang, from TMNT, and had my tattoo artist draw the brain part of Krang on my belly in Sharpie 😂
    This time, belly won't be big enough for my 2nd pregnant Halloween idea, but I think I'm going to do it for Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in March. Carl, from Aqua Teen Hunger Force 🤣
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