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Missed miscarriage/ when is it ideal to TTC again?

Hi, I just had a miscarriage and had a d&c few days ago. I was wondering when is it safe to TTC once again? One gyne advised to wait 3 months to make my body get back on track and another gyne advised to try straight after after I get my first period .. she stated my body would be more fertile after a loss and d&c. Can anyone relate to this or explain some experiences you went through which can help me.. Thank you 

Re: Missed miscarriage/ when is it ideal to TTC again?

  • It is a complete misnomer that you are more fertile after a loss and D&C.  Please do not pin your hopes on that and getting KU in the first few cycles you try, as there is a huge chance it will lead to more heartbreak if you do.

    I would follow the advice of your primary OB/doctor.  If that's the one advising you to wait 3 months, then wait 3 months. I know after a loss there can be an extreme need to try again and have a baby NOW... but there is no reason for haste and trying again before you are physically AND Mentally/emotionally ready can have worse consequences than just waiting the few cycles you were told to.

    I also HIGHLY recommend temping after a loss. Your cycles are most likely going to be wonky for a while and you may have completely different (or no) symptoms than you did before, and it was helpful to be able to see what your body was doing and to know if you ovulated or not and the whole shebang.
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    I had a natural miscarriage in January, and we were told to wait one cycle before trying to conceive. I got my first period 4.5 weeks later. We stopped preventing (not to be confused with started trying) in April, and I was pregnant again by May. My cycles were pretty wonky the entire time, and a lot of my normal PMS symptoms were completely gone (like tender breasts and munchies). I used OPKs to determine when I was ovulating, though we used them as a guideline to NOT conceive. 

    EDIT - It's believed your body treats a miscarriage like a period. It doesn't make you more fertile right after...or less. 
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  • I've had two miscarriages now with no live births- after the first one, we basically waited one cycle and then started ttc again and I got pregnant a second time right away. Unfortunately I also lost my second one at 12 weeks. As a result of two mc's in a row, I was fortunate enough to have an ob who would support RPL testing for me. By nature of RPL testing, you have to commit to not trying for 3 cycles in order to complete all the necessary tests, some of which are dependent on certain times within your cycle.

    I can say that I'm happy I'm waiting the 3+ months this time - depending on how far along you were, your hormones could be really out of whack right now which is the last thing you want when going into a new pregnancy. My hormones took a long time to level back out and after 4 months, I'm just now starting to return "back to normal". I would chart your cycles as was mentioned above to check the quality of your biphasic shifts and ensure your cycles are back on track.  It's a lot longer setback to rush into ttc again, only to not have it work out.  My husband and I are now over a year since we conceived our first. 

    For try number 3, anything could happen I know, but at least i know i put myself in as stable of a physical state as I can (including following up on issues that came back from my RPL testing).

    My two cents! I have read a lot of stories of people who ttc right after a loss and are successful, so it really comes down to your own decision and what risks you're willing to take. I have some relatively rare issues where I would have basically continued to miscarry until they were addressed, so everyone is different. Best of luck!
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