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Circumcising Baby Boys

Wondering how many parents these days are circumcising apart from religious reasons. The research is clear that it's not medically necessary, and I don't see the point in an unnecessary medical procedure or causing a newborn pain. Older generations I've heard from (even without religious motives) are adamant that it's necessary. In non-religious people, it just seems like a social/aesthetic practice that may or may not remain popular. Thoughts? 

Re: Circumcising Baby Boys

  • We circumcised partly based on my husband’s preference and partly on the fact that if it is needed later in life, it is a much worse recovery. The truth is that sometimes circs are medically necessary later in life, and we’d rather avoid that possibility. 

    Theres no right or wrong answer here and it ultimately comes down to your family’s preference. If you don’t want to, then don’t. 
  • I circumcised my first son, and will this one, as well. As mentioned above, the recovery time when they're older is much harder. My ex-BIL developed an infection in his teens and said it was horrible to recover from in addition to humiliating with his peers. I'd rather not risk it. 

    Also, in controlled studies in Africa, they discovered circumcision can lower the risk of contracting (and transmitting) HIV by more than 60%.  

    It's a personal choice that every family must make for themselves. Research the pros and cons through MEDICAL websites and not politically motivated ones. I think it's the only way to make an informed decision. Whatever decision you and your partner choose to make will be the right one for your family. 
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  • My first son was circumcised, he's 14 now and it is my biggest parenting regret, there was just no real reason for it. I had another son in August and I did not circumcise him. There is no medical benefit to it, my obgyn and his pedi both do not recommend it unless for some reason it becomes medically necessary, which is very rare. Baby is perfect as he is, no need to mess with that!
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