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Halloween Costumes

Share ideas for Halloween costumes for you and/or any children you have. 

Re: Halloween Costumes

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    @AugustGlass Haha! I feel your pain. We have a pair of cat boy pjs and my oldest two are constantly fighting over who wears them to bed 🙄
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    @nhh11 I want that skeleton shirt! I work in a school and we don't dress up in costumes, but I will probably wear that shirt
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    @nhh11 I’ve been thinking of doing the Avocado 🥑 for years (before I was even pregnant because I love avocados so much!), but I haven’t dressed up in years and feel too lazy to make it 😂
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    @nhh11 that skeleton top is how a friend of mine announced her pregnancy around halloween a couple years ago! Lol 
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    @TennisLove30 - ugh my daughter also loves Marshall but can I just say he is the most annoying Paw Patrol puppy?
    Me: 38, DH: 36 
    Married Jan 2008 
    DD Baby Bells born Dec 2016 5 lbs, 12 oz, 18" <3 so in love <3
    Due with #2 Baby Arya EDD February 2020

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    @leksiL, I will be honest, I don’t watch it enough with her to know. 😂 Everest and Rubble are my favorites, but she is obsessed with Marshall and Chase. 
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