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Thoughts on baby girl nane

Hi, I came across a name in our baby name book and am curious on your thoughts on pronunciation? Emera (irish/German-according to the two books we have). 
I've never heard this name before but my husband and I think it's pretty and it fits well with our two other girl's names (E names, and no that wasn't a planned trend but sort of happened). 

Re: Thoughts on baby girl nane

  • Em-air-a
    I like it
  • I'd pronounce it like PP said. 

    Honestly when I read it the first thing that popped into my head was the name of the drug I took to make me ovulate before our  IUI (Femara). But I'm sure most people that haven't dealt with IF won't make the same connection. 
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  • According to behind the name it is a made up name. which is what it seems like to me.

  • I agree that em-air-a is what I thought, but seemed made up to me.

    Amara might work for you.
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