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Limited fertilization IVF and success stories

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Hi all,

I used to be a frequent poster here a year and a half ago, but found the need to post less frequently here once I discovered a good local support group, where the girls in that group have become my close friends. However, I am still struggling to conceive 1.5 years later, and no one in my group is going through this particular situation. Curious if anyone is in the same boat. 

I am 34, unexplained (with borderline AMH of 1.3), and have done 6 IUIs and 2 IVF retrievals/fresh transfers (all is which failed, except IVF1 which resulted in a chemical). Due to religious and ethical reasons, I don’t want to end up with extra embryos. So we decided to fertilize only three eggs at a time, freeze the extra eggs for later fertilization/transfer and not do any PGS testing, on the basis that we could live with three kids if all survive but usually one third don’t fertilize and another third don’t make it to Day 5 (which would get us one embryo for a SET at Day 5). We are transferring everything that makes it, whether or not it may be genetically normal. However, I am finding that with this approach, failure is more frequent, and the losses are hard to bear. For example, in my last cycle only one embryo made it to Day 3, and it didn’t take after transfer. Luckily, I have full IVF coverage, so money isn’t an issue (thanks, Massachusetts!). 

Has anyone followed this unusual protocol? How long did it take you to be successful? How long were you able to withstand the failures/miscarriages? Did you up increasing the number of eggs you fertilized at any point? Thanks! 
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