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Team Green Baby #4

Finally found names for each gender that we both like and that go well with our other children. Could you tell me which you prefer for each gender or add any new! Last name pronounced like Fraiser. 

Our 3 kids : Brody Charles, Jack Louis, Rosalie Jane

Girl options : Camille or Emilia (we really like feminine names but not one the ends in “-ee” sound)

Boy options : William John or Maxwell John (slightly concerned with the popularity of William)

Bonus points for any other proper name for a girl with the NN Millie. Middle name suggestions welcome for the girls as well. 

Re: Team Green Baby #4

  • Camille would get my vote. I prefer Amelia to Emilia. 
    MN suggestions:

    I would go with William John but both are very nice. 
  • I like Camille but prefer Camilla for nn Millie.
    For boys I like both. William is very popular but Max is pretty popular too. But so is Jack, so consider whether Jack’s popularity has bothered you. 
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  • Camille and Maxwell get my vote 

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  • Another vote for Camille and Maxwell. Nothing wrong with Emilia or William.. but I think the first two go best.
  • Voting for Camille and William

  • I vote for William and Amelia. William mayb a little more popular, but it is a classic name, there are so many nickname options to choose from. 
  • I would go with Amelia as the spelling to save the girl a lifetime of “Amelia with an ‘e’.” I would have had that on the list for our girl if my good friend didn’t take it first! Millie is a solid nn with this one, too. Millicent is the only other name that I think would allow that nickname, which makes me picture an 80 year old lady, TBH. I don’t think. Camille is not a bad choice, just NMS. 

    I love Max but not Maxwell, would suggest Maximus or Maximillian. William is great with nn Will, but I’m NAF of the “Bill” and “billy” nn’s. 

    Im confused by no -ee endings when you named your girl Rosalie. Unless you don’t want them too matchy. Which I get. 

    Overall there are no bad choices here. 
  • Thank you all for your input! We just didn’t want another “ee” sound since we have Brody & Rosie. It gets a little sing songy when calling them, especially if we had a third with the same ending. 
  • Of your ideas I like Camille and Max best. 

    Suggesting Millicent as a way to get to Millie.
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  • Camille and william

  • Camilla Rae
    Amelia Lucile 
    John William

  • Camille would be my choice. Millicent would be another full name, but definitely not even in the same league as your contenders.
  • I prefer Camille and Maxwell. Both great names. 
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