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Implantation bleeding 12dpo???

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm 12 dpo and had some bright pink spotting today when I wiped. My cervix feels medium in position and firmness and is closed. My cycles are a bit erratic but lately have been about 22 to 24 days long. I know I really need to just wait a couple more days and I'll have an answer but to calm my anxiety about it I'm wondering if it's possible that this could be implantation bleeding. Is 12 dpo too late? Anyone have any success stories with that far after ovulation?? I've looked at other charts on fertility friend and it seems as though most of the ones with IB had it occur between 8 and 10 dpo. Any kind input is greatly appreciated for my nerves over the next couple days. Thank you!

Re: Implantation bleeding 12dpo???

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  • Thanks for the feedback, I will use the links to address my question. As someone who has also been ttc for an extended period of time I would not plan on coming back here to rub anything in anyone's face. 
  • Thank you for your input. I've had that same issue for a long time as well.
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