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twins. One heartbeat, one w/o fetal pole

i just knew I was having twins. So I went for a scan at 7w6, and confirmed twins. Baby a measured 7w4, and Baby B was said to have a yolk sac but no fetal pole. The doctor told me it most likely is not viable. I am 8w1 today, and going for another scan at 10w6. I’ve googled hours and hours worth of reading. It sounds like it could be possible that Baby B is behind, and maybe hadn’t developed the fetal pole yet? I know twins can be up to a week apart in growth from one another. 

Im desperate for a miracle and to see two heartbeats in three weeks. Does anyone have any similar stories ? I know I’m in denial, and clinging to hope. I’ve read a lot of different outcomes. 

Re: twins. One heartbeat, one w/o fetal pole

  • Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to see Baby B catch up if A was measuring that far along. You should definitely see a fetal pole and sometimes a heartbeat at 6 weeks, let alone almost 8 weeks. I hope so much for you that this isn’t the case, but I don’t think giving you false hope is a good thing, either. Vanishing twins are fairly common in theory, but only really caught with early scans. M Best wishes for a healthy continued pregnancy. 
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    Best wishes for both babies <3 Hang in there.
  • Thank you :/ 
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