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1st Trimester

Low HCG and some blood at 5 weeks.

Went to ER yesterday over bad pelvic pain. They said my hcg was low at 389, and I bled some last night and this morning. It's really dark, but does seem to have some small clots. 

Am I having a miscarriage?? ER said I have an ovarian cyst, and maybe one burst yesterday.. not sure what to think. 
Boobs are still tender and I'm a bit queasy today. 

Re: Low HCG and some blood at 5 weeks.

  • They should've told you in the ER if you were having a MC or not.  If uncertain, call your doctor or go back to the ER.
  • @thelastmelon I'm sorry, but we can't answer that question for you. You should call your OB to get their guidance. ERs aren't great for early prenatal care, nor confirming miscarriage. 

    Good luck. 

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  • @thelastmelon honestly, it is too soon to tell, in my opinion.  Your HCG is in normal limits.  Some women bleed when pregnant (I certainly do, and with clots).   It is a good sign that you still have symptoms, and they seem to have an idea why you are bleeding.

    The only thing you can do this early for any indication is get repeat HCG checks until you are far enough along for an ultrasound. 

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  • What @stassischroeder said. ERs aren't made for handling much at all in the way of obstetrics. They are for patching up injuries and handling critical situations where you are in danger. Since you had bad pelvic pain it was good to go in to check for things like an ectopic but beyond basic triage, ERs aren't great. I'd follow up with your OB. Until you can see your OB and get multiple data points (like HCG trend over time), take it easy and watch for any other signs that your health would be in jeopardy. 
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