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I have almost no pregnancy symptoms ???

This is my third and I’m about 8 weeks . I was tired , nauseous and had terrible headaches with my first 2 ..... with this one I feel nothing besides sore breasts . Anyone else have this experience? Could something be wrong ? 

Re: I have almost no pregnancy symptoms ???

  • Take a deep breath and try to relax.  A lack of intense symptoms doesn't mean ANYTHING.  It doesn't mean you're not pregnant; it doesn't mean anything at all except that your body is reacting to being pregnant better than some other bodies do.  Every pregnancy is different, just like every body is different.  Some women have different pregnancy experiences each time they have a baby. 

    For me, I haven't had a lot of nausea-related symptoms.  Lack of period (ha!), incredibly sore breasts, acne out of nowhere (annoying), food cravings/aversions, and wicked exhaustion were my main symptoms up until the 9th week, and then I started having major headaches and mild nausea and constipation.  

    Someone on here once said that if you go through an entire winter and don't catch a cold, you don't complain about it or think something is wrong with you.  Just like with pregnancy, you might go the entire time without any morning sickness, but that doesn't mean something is wrong with your pregnancy... just that you're one of the lucky ones who isn't sick as a dog.

    Breathe, relax, and enjoy this time.  
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  • @dpchickens I'm so sorry for all you have gone through.  That's heartbreaking! internet hugs to you (yeah I know, kind of creepy, lol). 
  • @dpchickens Yes!!!


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  • @dpchickens Wow, so sorry for all you've been through! <3 
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