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Can’t stop worrying at 8 weeks pregnant

I just turned 37 !!! This is my 3rd pregnancy but my kids are older now . I can’t stop worrying that something is going to go wrong because of my age like a chromosomal issu or a miscarriage. My dr appointment is in 2 weeks . I want to be happy but I can’t stop worrying that myself or the baby won’t be healthy. Anyone else feel like this ?

Re: Can’t stop worrying at 8 weeks pregnant

  • Take a deep breath. I know it's hard but worrying about something that is completely out of your control at this point won't do you any good. The best thing to do is to remind yourself that today you are pregnant and go from there. 
    FWIW, I just had my 4th at 39. Everything was fine. Not saying that's the case did everyone but you can have a perfectly healthy baby at your age. 
    Waiting for those first tests is always stressful no matter what your age. Just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Hang in there!!
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