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  • I’m 16 weeks pregnant and doctor said he thinks it’s a boy but it could be the cord so we won’t know till the next appointment. But I looked back at the video and went slide by slide and saw some things and wonder if it could possibly be a girl. But then some pictures do look like boy. What does everyone think?

    If the doctor couldn’t tell I doubt we can. Maybe ask them to take another look at your next appt.
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  • Yea I have to wait a month to ask again 
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  • Wait! Seriously???

    Why dont you trust your provider? Why ask untrained internet strangers a question that your MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL WHO DOES THIS FOR A LIVING AND HIGHLY TRAINED cannot give you a definite answer to!

    Patience, patience, patience it's a virtue that needs to be practiced. 
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  • Yeah, nobody thinks that’s “fun” around here, TBH. We don’t really know you. Maybe your friends IRL or family might find it fun, but that’s more of a baby center thing to have internet strangers squee about your baby’s genitals. Bravo for posting them all over the internet, though. 

    And if your doctor can’t tell this early, nobody on here “who knows how to read them,” will, either. You only have a few more weeks to wait, and then you’ll know. 

    I dont know if its because I was team green x2, but I never got the whole perseverating on what the sex of the baby is thing for weeks on end. Knowing/vs not knowing doesn’t really impact much, TBH. 
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    @xoxdeedee725 Deleting your post does nothing, especially after you have been quoted.  

    @Wishilivedinflorida I completely agree!  We were team green and it was comical: it bothered all my friends (my family didnt care).  All the "how do I know what to get the baby?" Questions. Lol
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