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Pregnancy after preeclampsia?

Hey everyone! So I had my first child 2/23/17. My due date was 3/24/17 so he was born at 35 weeks due to preeclampsia. I had an emergency c after about 48 hours of trying to have vaginal birth but it just wasn't happening. Long story short my son is almost 2 1/2 now and my husband and I are dicussing baby number 2. I. Am. Terrified. To say the least.... I want one more baby so badly but I'm so scared of developing preeclampsia again. I think im going to set up a preconception appointment with my dr to ask some questions. Anyone else experience this? Please let me know! Any encouragement will help 💚

Re: Pregnancy after preeclampsia?

  • I had my DS at 28w due to severe preeclampsia. He's 8.5 now. That's how long it took us to feel ready to try again. I'm currently 22w with my 2nd. We spoke to an MFM before we ttc to be sure of our decision and also to come up with a plan. That was the best thing we could have done. We also found an MFM who specializes in preeclampsia vs other high risk reasons. She has been amazing. She was upfront with us about the possibilities of reoccurrence, what the plan would be, what I would need to do etc. I'm seen much more frequently including monthly u/s. I'm on a few different meds and check my bp daily. I'm to call if it gets to a certain number, I can have them check my bp daily if I want, and she's available to me for anything. She also ran a bunch of blood tests on me before ttc and found that I have antiphospholipid syndrome which can cause preeclampsia and miscarriage. So I'm on lovenox for that too.

    So far, so good... But I'm coming up on the time I was diagnosed with DS. My anxiety is at an all time high, but I'm really trying to stay positive and know that we're doing everything we can. I'm also on antidepressants because they want me mentally ok throughout the pregnancy too. There have been many ups and downs so far... But things seem really good right now so I'm hanging my hat on that! 

    Good luck!!

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