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GTKY Friday 8/9 - NFL Edition

Since the football season started yesterday I thought we could have some fun calling out the teams we root for!

Go Pack Go!

*Disclaimer - I would never wear a bikini to a football game like these crazy people! BRRRRR
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Re: GTKY Friday 8/9 - NFL Edition

  • b_1029b_1029
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    Oooo @inthewoods23... DA BEARS! (Disclaimer- I absolutely do NOT think they’re good 😂)

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  • m6aguam6agua
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    I've actually seen this guy at a game before.
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  • @b_1029 most of my family is in the Chicago burbs where I was born so I'm still a little partial to DA Bears! Lol

    @m6agua I think I have too! But I've only ever been to 2 preseason games so I can't exactly remember. Maybe I'm just thinking of the times they show him on TV.
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    Me: 30 DH:32
    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16

    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained

    IUI #1-3 all BFN

    IVF #1
    6 total biopsied for PGT-A and frozen, 5 normal - 3 girls, 2 boys

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  • ttcbabyodottcbabyodo
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    I may root for my husband's teams when it comes to baseball (Red Sox) and hockey (Bruins), but when it comes to football, this born & bred Seattleite cannot be coerced to a New England team. No. No way.

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  • I married a Vikings fan, so go Vikings!! DH said he had to pick a team from somewhere else since KY doesn’t have an NFL team. Randy Moss was on the team and was awesome when DH was a kid, so he’s been a Vikings fan ever since (even though they kind of stink a lot of the time)! I would love to get us tickets to a game someday, but maybe not in Minneapolis...brrrr! This is my favorite player, Thielen...or as I like to call him, yellow gloves! He (hardly) ever misses a pass when wearing those yellow gloves! 

  • I'm a big NY Giants fan. Born and raised in NY. But recently moved to CT and I've found the state is pretty split between being Giants fans or Pats fans. But anyways I'm super excited for this season, I say this every year but this is totally big blues year!

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  • @millpe yay fellow Vikings fan! That makes sense about the stadium being indoors. Just whenever I think of Minnesota, I think of the movie New In Town (which is a great movie btw), and it seems so frigid & snowy there! 
  • whitealbum29whitealbum29
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    SO is from Houston and is a Texans fan! From what I understand they are...good? Not sure tbh but I try to be supportive. Honestly not sure what team I'm supposed to be rooting for according to my family, I guess they're Giants fans. :# :# :# They're more into baseball.
    My team personally:

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  • @jrouge12 yay a fellow Bills fan!!! I was born and raised a Bills fan and will be for life. 
  • Despite the fear everyone will now hate me... Pats fan here. I grew up 5 miles from the stadium, and was a fan back when they sucked, too. 😇 
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  • @jrouge12 ; @gingermama29 my DH loves the Bills!  He's from New England but idolized Jim Kelly when he was little and is still loyal to Buffalo. He has a mini-shrine to Kelly in his classroom. You're right about the stress-free season. DH is currently in his "this is OUR year/Super Bowl bound" mood but that changes after the first few weeks. ;) 
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  • @emeraldduchess the struggle is real as a Bills fan. They break your heart every time but you never stop hoping.
  • @gingermama29; @emeraldduchess I heard this hilarious comedy routine a few years ago that the Bills always start losing on purpose a few weeks in to the season so everyone can go spend quality time with their loved ones. I can't help but think about it when my dad is yelling at a game on TV! 😁

    @flowntheloop That is me and DH too! We also can't get enough baking/cooking shows.
  • Husband is a SeaHawks fan, so I guess we all are. 
    Basically, I'm a nacho fan. 
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  • @jrouge12 Glad I'm not alone! :D We watch a lot of sci-fi/fantasy series as well!
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