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    @jenabary My DH was there when I took the test, but I also bought him a book of Dad jokes and “We’re Pregnant” book written by a dad! 

    We get this date box subscription for at home dates and one of them was a painting date. We were on vacation at a rented cabin when we did it and both sets of parents were going to be visiting us that week, so I painted two loons with a baby loon and April 2020 on it. My DH painted a blueberry with “7 weeks” written on it, which was how far along I was and the size of the baby at the time. We showed them our families our paintings as our reveal. It took a little time for them to catch on, but not too long! 
  • I bought this onesie today on Etsy. We are using it as part of our announcement, hoping our dog will cooperate. He’s pretty good at posing! He was in our engagement pictures, so we wanted him to be a part of the announcement as well! Our goal is to have him laying down with the ultrasound under his paws and the onesie laying next to him. We plan to announce around 12-13 weeks on social media. 

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  • @jenabary - both DH and I have very large families - for me, it's 6 sisters and their spouses and children. For DH, he's got a very close group of extended family, like 6 aunts and a ton of cousins that he grew up with, seeing them at all major (and minor TBH) holidays. 

    For us, we used this litmus test - would the person call us if they had similar news or would we find out from someone else? That meant that his parents and grandparents got calls, and a few of my close sisters and his sister were told individually. And a few close friends who had been supporting us through our fertility treatments were the first to know because we were constantly discussing what was up with my cycles. 

    On the other hand, my father and some of my sisters who I am not that close with found out through the grapevine or social media, along with all our other extended family and friends. 
  • II am going to make a shirt similar to this one and this will be how we announce to some of our family! Will likely wait til end of Sept/beginning Oct. 
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  • BC of our loss, we are holding a bit. We will have some genetic test results mid Oct, so hoping to hold til then. With DS we did things kinda half assed and bc of everything that happened we promised to go all out for this kid. So, something halloween themed maybe? 
    Now if only I could hid it for another month. 3rd kid in 3 yrs means I pretty much have looked some level of pregnant since 2016.
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