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  • @bluetickgal I'm so sorry for your loss. It sucks having 1 but then having more then 1 in a row feels cruel. Limbo is the worst.

    @tyrion_ I'm sure you didn't mess anything up! I enjoy drinks and in all my research have found that it shouldn't really mess anything up with TTC.

    @hanshotfirst77 I wish my doctor could/would do something to get my body jump started. I never asked but I'm not sure she would be open to it. Or what she could do. I wish she would have at least followed my HCG levels. GL at your appointment today!

    @splashmountain I'm sorry you've been a bitter emotional wreck. I'm right there with you. Sending internet hugs! Also it sounds like we have similar interests with the crafting, baking, cooking, etc. What kind of crafting do you do?

    I really need to hop on my computer a few times a day to catch up on here. It takes me so long to respond to people on my phone!

    Still getting positive HPT's. I just looked and I'm 5.5 weeks post taking misoprostol. We are going out of town all next week. If I get back from that and am still getting positives I'm going to send my doctor a message on the portal. I need to get back to TTC. I know I'm just being impatient. I've started temping again but it feels pointless. I can tell MH is frustrated too.
  • @dumbledoredies I like to do all the crafting! I'm currently hooked on designing/using my Cricut, but I can sew and (sort of) crochet. I like trying new things like etching glass and metal, transfering photos to wood, making signs, basically if it catches my eye, I'll try it! How about you? Also, I'm sorry that this loss has dragged on this long. I truly hope it passes soon so you can move forward.

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  • @dumbledoredies thank you!! I only do mobile, but I could see where it would be so much easier on the computer! So sorry this loss is dragging on for you! Hopefully your cycle will return by the time you get back in town, but that sounds like a good plan to check with your doc if it not. 
  • @splashmountain I tried crocheting in the past and was so bad at it 😂. I'm currently cross stitching a Christmas stocking. My mom cross stitched all of our stockings as kids. It's taking me forever but I'm so excited to finish it. I also like to scrapbook which I do with my mom. I haven't gotten into sewing but I enjoy painting from time to time. Thank you for the kind words ❤ I'm just so ready to move on.

    @bluetickgal I only do mobile as well but I know that it's easier on the computer. It's so difficult on your phone having to scroll up and down and up and down keeping up and responding to everyone, lol.
  • @dumbledoredies you'll have to post pictures of your stockings when you finish them, I would love to see them. I have scrapbooked before, but it's been years! I've been teaching myself to sew over the last 3 or so years, youtube and Pinterest are amazing for learning new things like that. I love that you and your mom are close and do things together! 

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