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Hair loss DURING pregnancy??? Anyone's hair falling out?

I am currently 16w+3d and have had crazy hair loss the last few weeks. I have a lot of hair to begin with but the amount falling out with every brush or shower is alarming! Like huge handfuls! When I search for "hair loss and pregnancy" online I only find articles saying how your hair gets lovely and thick in pregnancy and falls out after birth. I had my ferritin levels checked and they were great (about 100). The only things that might contribute is that I did IVF (taking Pergoveris and Luveris meds) and then estrogen and progesterone supplementation for the first 12 weeks. Also my TSH value went up to 3.5 in the first weeks of pregnancy, so they put me on L-Thyroxin 25 which brought the TSH value down to about 1.25 pretty quickly and is staying there. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any ideas why this is happening or if it will stop? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Hair loss DURING pregnancy??? Anyone's hair falling out?

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