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Donate extra embryos (Embryo Adoption)

Good evening ladies, my  husband  and I  completed 2 cycles of IVF. We have 2 naturally conceived boys (ages: 12 + 6) & 2 IVF conceived (1 boy age  4 and 1 girl 2 years old). We have 5 remaining embryos left over. We are considering donating them. The embryos have already been (pgd/pgs tested), so there are 4 boys and 1 girl embryo. We are an African American family. This is a hard decision so any feedback  you could give would be helpful. We would  like an open adoption where we could communicate with the adopting family. Is it best to go through an agency or look on our own. Is it possible to someone interested on our own? What do you ladies recommend? My husband  and  I have 4 children and do not plan on  having any  more  so we were looking  to help another couple. 

Re: Donate extra embryos (Embryo Adoption)

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    DH and I decided when we started IVF that any remaining embryos we would not plan on using would be donated. It is a difficult decision and gives very odd feelings we found. My clinic offers the anonymous donation of embryos if we want. Does your clinic offer something similar?
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    Hi @rita11553! I think if you feel strongly about an open adoption, you would want to go through an agency. Without some sort of agreement (or even contract) in place, the adopting parents would have no obligation to give you updates. 

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