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Back Again - need help with sibset!

Hi gals, its me again - we’ve got 3 kiddos - Brody, Jack and Rosie (Rosalie) and team green for baby #4. We were really love Emma Anita (family MN) and Claire Anita but it’s come to my attention that Emma is #1 and has been popular for quite some time (uh duh, what is wrong with me?!). Would that deter you enough not to use it?
We also like Maxwell (Max normally) for a boy. Possibly Maxwell John. Anyways - finding it difficult to stay in the same family of names for the boys, most traditional names feel too different compared to Brody and Jack. Any help is most appreciated!

adding that we’re staying away from “ee” sound endings as it becomes to sing songy with three. 

Re: Back Again - need help with sibset!

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    bellebaby221bellebaby221 member
    edited July 2019
    Depends. Where we live I only know a few Emma's but that might not be the case where you are. If I really loved the name I don't think it would bother me though. Claire is also getting up there on the popularity list too.
    That said, I like both of your choices. I think Claire goes better with the MN.
    Love Maxwell John. 

    ETA: I have a Jack as well. His siblings are Eli, Benjamin and Allison. 
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    mb0112mb0112 member
    I like Claire.  Have you considered Anita as the first name? So refreshing!

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    I really dig Anita as the first and it would be unlikely there would be 3 in her class. I really like Anita Claire. I like Maxwell John.
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    My 17 year old is Emma. Back then it was rising in popularity but she was the only Emma we knew for years and years. Now it's everywhere. Even though it's a family name, I wouldn't use it today, maybe as a middle. Claire feels more refreshing and flows much better with the middle name Anita.
    Mom to Emma, Noah, Isaac, Asa, Asher, Jonah and expecting baby Alice 7/16


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    I like Anita fir a 1st name! Can you switch it around?  Then you have two very strong names, as Max is a great name! Also goes well with your other boy names! 
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    crf4crf4 member
    I’m going to check class lists at my kids school when they put them up 🤣 I’m not a huge fan of Anita as a first and would likely call her Annie but I don’t hate it. Our last name is pronounced Fraiser if that helps? We also have Eloise but I know how trendy it is as well. 
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    oh, how i love Anita!!!  I like Claire a lot as well. Emma was once one of my favorite names, now it is heard all the time.
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    Are you in the US? You should look up name statistics for your state on the social security website. Emma might not be that popular in your state. 

    I think Maxwell is great.
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