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Nickname ideas?

I’m in love with the name Amaryllis but I’m worried that it’s  going to be long and feel like I need a nickname. The problem is I don’t like any of the obvious names (beautiful names but just don’t feel right) like Amy and Mary. Any ideas?

Re: Nickname ideas?

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    mb0112mb0112 member
    I like Amy but maybe Mari or Mara? Also maybe something with her initials, or a nickname not related to her name that might evolve. 

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    Mae? MaeMae?
    Lily, Lils
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    Mary is the only nickname I would think if with that name. I'm guessing any nickname would just be something totally unrelated to her first name. Maybe even her middle name. 
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    Ammy, illus
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    Miri.....pronounced Meery
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    Nicknames tend to evolve naturally, especially shortened versions that use a part of the person's name.  I wouldn't worry too much about making a big decision on a nickname.

    Both of my kids have longer names that they use all the time on paper, in school, with coaches, etc.  I call them both by the full name about 50% of the time and by a shortened version about 50% of the time.  My son's friends ALL call him by the shortened version; even teachers call him by the nickname.  At school he's the shortened version out loud and the full version on paper.  My daughter handles it differently.  Only her closest friends use her shortened version.  Teachers and most people she meets call her by the full name -- it's just how things have evolved and reflects their preference as they've gotten older.

    Don't sweat this one!  It'll sort itself out as your child grows!
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    Ally, Elly, Ellis, Ari
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    I have an Amaryllis and no one has called her anything except her full name. I’m sure something will come up at some point. I thought Ryllis would be fun but it’s never been used. 
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    Rilla? It’s a little LM Montgomery-y but I think it might work. 
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    Mari, as some have said. 
    Lis, Lissy, you could even derive Missy from it 
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